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  1. We use one in Carrollton, Dr. Middleton Morehead. He's awesome and works so well with children. He was referred to us by the PCDFACS.
  2. The Spirit of South Paulding Marching Band WON Grand Champions at the Yellow Jacket Classic Band competition in Rockmart tonight.The band was totally awesome! Scored ones in every class, Placed first overall in percussion and band. WAY TO GO SPIRIT!!!
  3. I got my new tax bill yesterday too. It's a whopping $5782.30! Needless to say, I'm appealing. My taxes went up overr $500 again this year. How can they do this when property value is decreasing????
  4. I am so glad your husband got it. We had a hearing for my husband on May lst and it was via video conference. The judge was super. He said he didn't understand why we were even there. Hubby has congestive heart failure, dystolic dysfunction, diabetes and has been in atrial fibilaration for the past 5 years. The judge said it was senseless for someone in his condition to have to go through what we have been through. He was awarded his disability back to 10/03. Now we are fighting Social Security again because they have now said he didn't pay enough into it. He has just turned 62 years o
  5. They certainly are. Brother Charles is my Pastor. He said he was somewhat jealous of Brother Jay because Jay made it to Heaven before he did.
  6. Jay's funeral was one of a kind, but that goes without saying that it just fit him, since he was one of a kind. It was sad, but happy, everyone cried, but laughed. It was one to remember. But Jay got the last laugh. When we got to the cemetary there was with a problem with the vault and the grave people had to remove it and get the right one. I told several people that I could just hear Jay laughing saying "they ain't gonna put me in the ground yet!" It certainly was a funeral to remember!
  7. Jerry Hollis, Charles Williams and Eddie Wyatt are the preachers. Pray for them.
  8. We just got back from the funeral home. It was sad, but the reality has set in. Everyone who knew Jay knows where he is now. That helps everyone to accept this great loss. If you didn't know him or ever get the pleasure of hearing him preach, you missed one of the greatest blessings you could ever receive. I am soo thankful to have known this great man and am able to call him my friend. An earlier post stated how he could recite the verses in the Bible, which he could, but he could preach like few preachers know how to preach today. There are three preachers going to preach his funeral,
  9. Thanks for posting the arrangements. I was at work and was unable to post them when I found out. The service will be at the Happy Valley Baptist Church in Villa Rica.
  10. I can't go to sleep. I just keep thinking about Jay and the things he talked with us about on Sunday. My heart is broken. I keep thinking maybe it is a dream and I will wake up from it and none of this will be true.
  11. I did misspell his last name. I am so upset that I wasn't thinking about spelling. Sorry He also was pastor at New Georgia, where his brother was Sunday School Superintendant until the last year or so.
  12. We just got the sad news that Pastor Jay Bice passed away this morning from a massive heart attack. He was found in his truck. Jay was a wonderful man of God. He just preached at our church on Sunday morning. Everyone was so touched with his sermon. It really meant alot to all of us. This is such a great loss to the community, but God has another angel in heaven. Jay always said he was only one heartbeat from Heaven, but now he is strolling on those streets of gold. Jay, we love you and we will miss you. Our prayers go to his family. I just spoke with Jones/Wynn in Villa Rica. Fu
  13. I grew up in Mableton and went to school with Steve. He was an awesome person. WE are still in disbelief. Prayers to Tammy, Sid, Sharon and the rest of the family.
  14. Claude and Jane and two of the most wonderful christain people anyone could ever be associated with. I thank God that he let us be their friends. Claude will be greatly missed, but we know he is in a much better place. Our prayers and christain love to Jane and the family.
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