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  1. Our 11 month old yellow lab is in absolute heaven!
  2. I'll be doing the "Run Like Hell" 5k through Oakland Cemetery on 10-30 this year. The trees are awesome anniversary presents!
  3. I'm willing to bet that the it's some of the demon spawn that live in 12 Oaks that are behind this. They've been trashing things here for a long time. Probably got bored.
  4. If East takes Douglas again, which I think they will, I hope Douglas shows more class than they did when my oldest was a junior. I've been out of the loop, my oldest graduated in 08, and my #2 is a Freshie at East this year. East over Douglas PC over Hiram North over South Tie breaker: EP 27, Douglas 0
  5. My parents are in Europe now. They left a week ago today. Right now they are in Belgium, and I had the happy chance of chatting with my mom yesterday evening. I asked her if they had heard about this. She said no, they hadn't. I gave her a brief summary, and she had the same opinion as I, (nut and tree and all that). The media (both sides) is having a fantastic time with this. This whack-job in Florida just wants attention. Violence in the name of the church (whatever church it may be) is the oldest and most brutal form of violence. How terrible that our troops are in more danger b
  6. I read that book back in the mid 90's and it was an eye opener for me. My parents and sister are all A+, I got a recessive from both my parents and am the only one with O+; of course I didn't know that until I was 17 and donated blood for the first time. Man did I have some explaining to do, thank goodness for biology class...but I digress. When my sister and I were kids going to McDonald's was a big treat for us. We would each get a Happy Meal. Back in those days it was either a hamburger or cheeseburger Happy Meal. Neither one of us cared if the burger had cheese, so we got the
  7. gotcha! Oh, socks are another thing of mine. I think it's gross to wear socks with no shoes; like walking around in socks. No, I hate that. I am either barefoot in bed or, up and about with socks and shoes on or house shoes. I just can't stop thinking about all the random things my socks or feet are picking up. Gross. I also think the bottoms of shoes are nasty, and try not to even look at them. And before you ask, yes, I do vacuum more frequently than what is probably considered "average".
  8. I do this as well. Every. single. time. 13 stairs in the house and 5 off the front porch.
  9. I can't stand going barefoot. It's sickening to me. My bare feet on any surface other than sheets, makes me nervous.
  10. No. We have U-verse and don't have a land line.
  11. He was a lot more interesting before he started blathering on and on about God, Jesus, and Faith constantly. Kind of creeps me out.
  12. I saw a sign at the First Baptist Church of Dallas this week. They are having their consignment sale today and tomorrow. Glad you reminded me!
  13. U-verse has been good to us. You should get it! By the way, if you want to get it then tell me so I can get a referral credit.
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