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  1. NC-17, they are a great band. We heard em for the first time at Styx in Villa Rica at bike night. They are playing the Clermont Lounge tonight & the American Legion in Powder Springs Saturday. I think we are gonna go listen on Saturday. Woot!
  2. I agree with you! My son attended the YCA at Fort Gordon. Got his GED and at 17 joined the Navy. This May will be a year that he has been serving. He has come a long way and we owe it all to the YCA program. Without it, I figure he would have been in jail by now. I recommend the program to all parents with at risk children.
  3. If any of you are interested, there is a small group of us going riding Saturday August 20th. Fun Run to Little River Canyon. KSU at 10am from Scotts Market in Yorkville.
  4. There were only 5 peeps in the car. The girl who wrote the quote from my above post is rather young and prolly was upset so there were grammatical errors and what not. As far as I'm concerned, all should be ticketed. Speeding, racing, no seatbelts; good to see that our youth uses their common sense.
  5. Ladies, I maneuver that curve twice everyday, and have been for the last 8 years at the posted 55MPH in my car or on my motorcycle and I have never once wrecked or went off the road. The problem is with people (like these involved in this wreck) who do not do the speed limit, drive way to fast, and don't pay attention to the road (ie. Text, talk on the phone, play with the radio). Below, I have copied and pasted the latest update on the accident from last night. "The Night Of June 19 Approximately 11:30 - 12 o'clock. Melissa Was In The Car With 5 Other People. 2 Girls and 2 Guys One Whi
  6. Well, hell. There goes the neighborhood. Git him Tabby!
  7. Has anybody contacted the Patriot Guard Riders? This is what they do. They protect the fallen soldier's family from protestors so they can grieve and bury their loved ones in peace.
  8. We just turned in a bid to the Owner on the Academy Sports...you sure about nothing being official now?
  9. Actually, dood. Once you pop, then fun does stop.
  10. Our prayers are with Fragel & Plank and their mother. RIP Fran.
  11. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!!
  12. Hang in there hon. There is bound to be somebody who can fix ya! Don't loose faith yet.
  13. Hair of the dog. Best cure there is.
  14. DAW: Because I so want you to not hurt & be able to do things you like to do, I went googling. I found this on heel surgeries. Some of the pictures are rather gross. Just an FYI. Towards the bottom it says that sometimes they have to take a block of bone from your pelvis & rebuild the heel. I don't know if you already knew that or had it done, but this is all I can find. I haven't been able to find anything on a "fake" heel, but I'm a gonna keep looking.
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