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  1. Done! She is beautiful and the kids are ADORABLE!
  2. I love Annie Potts, too. I've always thought she is way underrated. Good to see her again. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Yesterday was BAD. Really bad. Today I dragged myself over there wanting to be almost anywhere but "here again". The heaps of trash are mounting more by the hour. When I "think" something is clean(I have 2 paid adults helping me right now...just the cleaning though), I take a closer look and it is filthy. It's not that they arent doing their job, they are. It's just that filth this deep looks MUCH better once you clean it the first time. But, as we began to place furniture, we realized it needed more first... . I had a HORRIBLE migraine yesterday and was really afraid of getting one today.
  4. I have learned a fair amount on this sublect after having a very close friend for many many years become a quadra-palegic after diving from their boat right here in Lake Allatoona 8 yrs ago. Stem cell research is a hot topic with me. If a candidate snubs it, they do NOT get my vote. Simple as that. I WILL say, I do not support fetus cell recovery but there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ways to use a consenting adults cell's that it is CRAZY and horriby wasteful to not be able to take advantage of the HUGE advances that lie in wait...right in front of us. To clear up the fetus cell recov
  5. Imma brand! Imma brand! Imma GLUE! :yahoo: I LOVE IT, POSTMAN! I really thank you for your very encouraging post as ALWAYS. You TRULY do have a firm grasp on the kind of creme de la creme UNDERSTANDING we all could use a little more of day to day in this life. Reading your posts today and everyday help to give me gumption to go full force ahead. And, yes, I guess I DID grab this SOB by the horns! Yesterday was bad...very, very bad, Postman. Yesterday, I had to spend more than I had budgeted, work about 4 hrs longer than planned and I did NOT make it to my ultimate goal for the d
  6. Well dangit to HECK, Mr Dis! Old eqip broken down? I thought you were talkin' 'bout you and that 'ol Kyle at the station. Pfft this thread isnt NEARLY as much fun as I had anticipated . :p ................. ................. ..... !
  7. I am SO thankful to be reading your post right now! I didnt log on anywhere at all yesterday just out of sheer exhaustion after the day I had. Yesterday was ROUGH . Today was better . I finished the living room and almost finished the kitchen. It was so WONDERFUL to smell the smell of CLEAN and to see my favorite, beautiful possesions starting to fill this house. They are not all high dollar or exclusive by any stretch, but WOW! they have never looked more beautiful than arranged in THIS house after the blood, sweat and tears that have already been put into it. I REALLY needed a good da
  8. Oh man! You are a jewel. Just got back to my apt from the house after 14 hrs and your post is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE lines....Keep your eyes on the Prize. That line means SO much to me and what an encouragment it is so thank you so very much . Thank you for the NEEDED reminder. Gipper keepin' her tired eyes on the Prize .
  9. I am not posting my opinion in this thread. I see a few Posters that I REALLY do respect here but I just can't. Not in this topic. I am a die-hard Libertarian and that should say enough. Could get dragged in but I will resist temptation . Impossibly sad situation and everyone thinks "their" side is the right one. Innocent people are dead who begged for their lives. Parents are grieving their children, siblings missing one another, children alone, spouses grieving their partner...nobody wins. May God have mercy on them all and I pray their heartbreak and grieving finds hope...somewhe
  10. awwww, well lawd o mighty knows I DID need that encouragement today, Postman. Thank you so much. Sending you a cyber-hug . Today I bought the house so YAY! WOOT WOOT! :yahoo: . But, then I went there and REALLY dove into the MESS that awaited me.....OH MY, POSTMAN...OH MY . I have jumped into to a lot of big challenges...lots of tests and trials...but OH WOW, THIS, My Friend, is really the BIGGEST challenge yet. The only thing that kept me from breaking down in tears today after cleaning for over 5 straight hours with the help of 5 other adults was the sheer fact that I really AM
  11. I dont know what I would do in that situation but I support you totally for following your gut. Honestly, with the house I just bought that I'm talking about here...the owner has young kids and it has weighed on me heavily. The thought of just what young kids could get into without even being mischievious. Just "living" there everyday can be hazardous to anyones health. And, I do love clean, clean, clean. But, I know everyone's idea of what's acceptable varies but I have most definitely found things in the home(without even trying!) that could hurt a child or even lead to death, in all hones
  12. WHAAAAT??? We cant talk 'dinner' in the 'CAFE'? That makes sense ............... . BTW, it is really good to see you here, JBella . You are one of my favorite posters . Heck Yeah, Tbird! That makes my heart skip a beat ! YUM!
  13. YUM YUM YUM! I was thinking about doing something with clams or mussels and pasta too. Sounds so good . Instead, I needed an easier meal tonight after a long, hot day so I made my Mothers wonderful beef stroganoff except with turkey...tryin' to be good and a spinach romaine salad with black olives, tomatoes, goat cheese and homemade vinegrette . THANK YOU! Just copied that and cant wait to use it!
  14. Thank you so much, LR. I really am soooooo thankful and very excited. I dont mean for this thread to make it sound as if I'm not. It has just been one of those life journeys into 'why do people/we do the things we do?'. Thanks again.
  15. Wow. He sounds like one creepy dude for sure.
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