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  1. Looking to get a chain link 4' fence in the backyard for the dogs. Can anyone recommend a good company to deal with? Price point is a plus. Thanks, Steve
  2. Thanks everyone, went to a place in Rockmart at lunch and they did it in 15 minutes and charged $10, fair enough.
  3. I have 2 tires on my truck that had security lugs on each tire. Attempting to remove them, they were stripped out, we bought one of those lug removal tools and all it did was round the nut out more. Do you have any suggestions on where I could take it to have the lugs and or studs removed, even if it ruins the rim. I have 4 newer rims and tires that I want to install on my truck. Maybe even have them cut off, and install a new stud. I have thought about going to a tire place and can only imagine that they have come across this before and may have a way to get them off. But have no
  4. after searching the internet further, I peeled back the wiring harness and there was a corroded and broken splice. When I changed the battery, it must have moved just enough to break it off. Thanks for all the help. I really appreciate everybody's input. Batjack- guess where I will be this weekend? You got it....on the lake.....maybe I will see you up there. Steve
  5. New coil, battery, computer and crank sensor. Still nothing.
  6. Picked up a sensor today I'm reassembling the truck this evening hopefully it'll work
  7. I do have fuel pressure at the bleeder valve. I will put a crank sensor in it. Wiring and relays all tested fine. Found no breaks in the harness.
  8. No mechanic yet. Figured I would go ahead and waste $210 on a new computer, put it in, and turn the key and watch it not start again. Go figure. I am not happy obviously.
  9. Where is pick a part located? Thanks everyone. I appreciate the help.
  10. I have a 1995 Dodge Dakota that I use to tow my boat. It is an old truck with 211k miles on it. Thursday I put a new battery in it, and things went downhill fast. It cranks, but does not start. I have checked and rechecked the following. Connections Ground wires Fuses Relays New Coil Reset the computer Even had a mechanical friend spend all day working on it with me today, and there is no spark, and we suspect no fuel now. The only thing I can think of is that I fried the computer, so it is not sending any signals to the coil or fuel pump now. I am at a point where
  11. start smoking, and toss your butts in the tall dry grass
  12. To the naked eye, the Goodwill Corporation supports the community by creating jobs for people, by accepting donations and reselling them. Shame on the new manager for coming into the store and trying to make money at the expense of it's employees. I know 3 people who were let go. It appears that the new management is cleaning house. I will not shop there.
  13. It was a good day for all, PCHS does a great job.
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