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  1. Operation Comfort Warriors Ride! Donations only ride to Cave Springs. Proceeds go to buy comfort items for our wounded troops that the government will not provide. Registration at 11:30am at the American Legion Post 70, Villa Rica. 120 Legion Lake Circle, Villa Rica (take Hwy 101 south toward Villa Rica, turn left onto Legion Lake Road). KSU at Noon. Ride ends back at Post 70. All Riders Welcome!
  2. Beem busy working, playing, and getting the Legion Riders Post 70 up and running. Need to slow down a bit and get back to the basics.
  3. I haven't been on here in a loooong time. Anything worthwhile happening?
  4. That's pretty much how that place works. Keep um doped up and coming back for more. Never mind what is really causing the problem. After all, if they fixed your pain you would stop going there. No?
  5. People always have and always will look for a way to deny being subject to anyone but themselves. Personally, I would rather not consider myself the product of warm ocean slime.
  6. I have no problem speaking to a group as long as I feel comfortable that I know what I am talking about (which isn't often LOL). I took speaking classes in college and loved it. After I crossed 40 I didn't care anymore.
  7. My sister worked there when it was in the old place up by Garmon's beer store. Never went in there after they moved. Glad it is back, though I don't like catfish. Watching my father drive nails through their heads and gut them pretty much turned me against them. LOL
  8. One push mower just needs the pull assembly replaced, one I know needs a cable, but I am not sure what else, and as I told you at the end of the season, my riding mower may have blown, but I haven't even checked. It just stalled suddenly last time I cut grass and I pushed it into the shop and left it, but I need to get something going before Spring. Don't want to wait to the last minute.
  9. I still have two dead push mowers and a dead riding mower I need to get to you. I will get them over there before the Spring. I could fix them, but I am just too dang lazy. LOL
  10. Joejetzu


    Because Americans are so spoiled that they think they should wipe their rear with flower pedals.
  11. Don't Ask Why, we have received a donation of one book of stamps. Get with me & Kat and let's start getting these Christmas cards mailed out.
  12. Let's not forget about our Veterans, folks. Please keep PMing the names and addresses of Veterans to "Don't Ask Why". The more the better. To many have been forgotten about.
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