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  1. As I procrasinated from Tuesday to last night, the prices went from $399 to $329. This is a 7 day cruise. Im gonna book the guarantee cabin and see what happens. I do want to do some excursions and we will be with a man and his 2 kids. So..... 2 adults, 2 teens and 2 10 yr olds Im soo excited
  2. right. that's why I ask for the variance in situations. I do not plan on being in the room to much with the kids. and We have friends going on the same cruise on deck 8, which is why I checked that floor. Im thinking saving the $ would be smart on this trip. I wanted to see what experiance others have had. Thanks for the links also, I will check it out.
  3. Here are my quotes: deck 8 room 8214 3 ppl = $1832.89 plus $72 each for gratuity = $2048.89 or thru Cruise.com Guaranteed cabin room with port hole ( maybe patially obstructed view) = $1432 includes 2 gratuities (so they say), making it $1504.00.
  4. Guaranteed means you don't get to choose your own room - the cruiseline chooses your cabin. With a guaranteed cabin, you are guaranteed of getting a cabin in at least the category you booked. With a guarantee, typically you pay a lower price than choosing a specific room for taking the risk that you will get the worst cabin in that category. But in exchange for that risk, there is also a chance of getting upgraded This trip will be with Norwegian on the SUN. I think all Cruise lines do it.
  5. I will be sending cards out from the American Legion Riders. If you have family or friends that are verterans please PM me their address. Even Widows and Widowers of fallen hero's. Local or out of town addresses are welcome. ANY and ALL who have served our country Even children of military. I still have last years address that you guys sent and I will be sending them a card again. Thanks in Advance!!!
  6. Have any of you ever taken a A "guarantee" cabin on a cruise? Im taking a last minute cruise Dec 10th and was wondering what others have experienced. Doing this would save $600 plus for the 7 days. I figure taking 2 kids I would have more $ for excursions if I gambled with the guarantee cabin. But then again, sleep is important too on a 7 day cruise w kids. What do you think?
  7. Also, her make up is smeared and she is looking "homely"... the seat, shirt, and mascara are a set up by her attorney. but her natural horrible nature over takes anything they are trying for
  8. MTE, then one time she did not wake up from her Zanny sleep
  9. The only things that bothered me @ Hiram highs were 1-HORNS 2- the chick that said do u mind if I stand there next to you to get "A" pic?....after 10 minutes she invites her boyfriend to stand with her.... (I was in a wheelchair) her 1 pic lasted the entire ceramony..Ohh I was already as close to the ppls tent as I could be before she squeezed in. 3-traffic leaving, we sat completely still for an hour. How could traffic not move an inch for an hour?????
  10. If I can eat at McDonald's I can just about eat anything, so its whatever is on sale for me too
  11. look for Choline Chloride in chicken products labeling info. This is the steroid that speeds the chickens growth by 6 weeks or more. I know we ship it to Tyson and Gold Kist but never have sent to Perdue Farms. (not saying they do not give it to their chicks, we are not the supplier) Choline Chloride It would be scary to know what is in our food. The steroid chicken remains are then sent to Purina dog food plants.. but hey, its real chicken in the dog and cats food
  12. how fast does youtube pick up these performances I want to see lauren
  13. My cable is all jacked up. I CANT SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My choices were Haley and Casey, so Thank Goodness Im not missing them too
  14. I have been so worried, thinking about how I would feel if my gmom was missing
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