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  1. Does anyone know the story behind this picture? I know it has been there for years, but don't know why.
  2. My husband and I were approached by a woman likethe one that you describe at Kroger on Ridge Road Friday evening. But her grandmother was at Piedmont. She cried buckets of tears. I was afraid we were about to be robbed or hijacked. We gave her five dollars and she disappeared. I reported it to the Kroger manager by phone.
  3. Why would the parent even go to the news media with this? The appropriate thing to do would be to contact the P.E.Teacher first,.
  4. I have been in the store three times in the last week. Mitch made a necklace for me out of my husbands old ring. He was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. It is so frustrating. Such a senseless murder! Lazy welfare scumbags who won't work and take from those who do.
  5. This is really strange because we have well water in South Paulding and ours has had the same musky odor for a couple of months.
  6. I have closed angle glaucoma. I complained to the dr. for three years that I was seeing halos around lights at night. He kept assuring me that I did not have glaucoma, but in February of 2010, when going for my regular yearly exam, he said I had glaucoma with some optic nerve damage in the left eye because of extreme eye pressure. The pressure was in the 30's in both eyes. He recommended Laser Iridotomy in both eyes. I had this done in Feb. and March two weeks apart. Since then I have been using two combigan eye drops in the left eye everyday and lumingan eye drops in both eyes once a day. So far, there have been no problems. I go every three months for a check up on the pressure. My vision has not been affected that I can tell. I do wear gas permeable contacts or glasses regularly. He said that glaucoma is very had to diagnose and that I was lucky that they had found it it time before much damage was done. Alas.
  7. Love Greek Yogurt mixed with granola, flax and blueberries.
  8. I had it about a month ago. My insurance paid for it, but even if they hadn't paid for it, I would have gotten the shot. My case of chicken pox was horrific at 5 years old, and i have always had fears of getting shingles. I am 68.
  9. Ditto here too! I am okay with whatever you want to do, but can't come by office. Thanks.
  10. We keep our Lab tied up close to the chicken house. This keeps the critters like, possums, raccoons, and fox away. Even tho these critters are all around us, they have never gotten in the hen house. Your chicks may be laying in another location. Sometimes they will do that. Also, they may slow down laying this time of year because they are molting (shedding their feathers) Usually the older hens will molt, not the young ones so much.
  11. I have used Georgia's Own CU for years. They are the best!! No fees for debit cards from them.
  12. The wedding is really stimulating the British economy!! I am curious enough to watch!!
  13. We just moved some about two weeks ago. They are doing well.
  14. I do this some too. Spinach is good. Citrus fruit is good to mask the taste of the greens. Will have to try the mango and spinach!!
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