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  1. I'm right here at dabs bridge and 61, no water just trying to see if I got a busted pipe somewere or what ?
  2. anybody else that don't have water ?
  3. looking for a good place to have some dirt hauled in to level some of my yard to lay some sod, anybody know of any good places ?
  4. yea i know i seem them land and then people started parking and pulling over ever were
  5. they landed a few minutes ago , must be pretty bad !!!
  6. I don't know if I want to put any money in it anybody want to buy it ? The primer bulb is not leaking or cracked , it just does'nt want to come back out when you are priming it , and it doesn't want to fill with much gas
  7. my mom and dad have a blower , it's not that old but it won/t start and stay running , i'm not good with these things , if you let it sit it will start for just a second and go dead , i did notice the primer bulb when you push it does not want to come back out it wants to stay in , and when it does come back out theres not much gas in the bulb , they don't have a lot of money neither do i and since it's nearly brand new i don't want to chunk it and have to find them another one , it's a ryobi hand held , can anybody help me figure this out ? thanks in advance
  8. Looking for at least 1. Maybe 2 tires size 215/70/15 , new or used just need for my parents truck and they don't have a lot of money so trying to find as cheap as possible any help would greatly appreciated .
  9. i went thru hiram around 6:40 this morning and in front of crist roofing was 3 or 4 police cars all parked in a huddle standing outside there police cars smoking cig's and i get right past sam'a club and these dumba$$'s pass the car beside me in the grass on the left side and the red light is turning red so the dumba$$'s whip it in front the other car cutting her off and ended up nearly sideways in the middle of the intersection under the red light , would have been nice to have them patroling , oh i forgot can't veer to far away from their favorite speedtrap
  10. ok bank robberies , so whats special about this car and how is it suppose to prevent the robberies ?
  11. since it is whats your favorite homemade ice cream recipe ? , anybody got a nice easy vanilla recipe ?
  12. anybody here a boat mechanic or just plain work on boat motors ?
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