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  1. Poor Stephan!! Haha! I heard about that part from Andrew but only got to see the later video. Congrats on the coverage!! I love Vito's!!
  2. I never go outside without my shades! Right now I'm sporting some polarized (a must have) D&G's.
  3. We have a 150 gallon reef tank. It is just getting reestablished after a move.
  4. I did Infant Swim with my son and was highly impressed. It is more like self rescue lessons as opposed to swimming but IMO was well worth the extra security and expense. www.infantswim.com
  5. Pickett's Plantation used to offer outside memberships. It's in N. Pldg. across from Allatoona High School. You can try this e-mail for questions Picketts-Plantation@comcast.net
  6. My DD got her license a month ago and they didn't even ask for the log. I was a little miffed since I had to keep track of the dang thing.
  7. We swim at my neigbors house. They keep it open year round. Kids have already been in. Not me!!
  8. My late MIL, although I agree that an hour wouldn't even be close to enough time. I'd take what I could get though.
  9. I like garbanzo beans, black olives, boiled eggs, cheddar cheese, julienne carrots, bacon bits....I must be hungry too!
  10. Personally, with light wood and light walls I would go dark. Maybe like chocolate with light blue accents.
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