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  1. I got stuck in traffic tonight . And I got 2 emails to avoid this intersection . Does anyone know what's going on ? I saw a lot of lights
  2. I'm sure he's having fun detoxing in Atlanta jail. Karma is a b%$&h
  3. How the heck is concealing a body a 'low end felony' ? That is crazy ! See what happens when they're bonded out ?
  4. I met his family briefly about 5 years ago. Such a strong, vibrant young man. So sad
  5. I wonder if he was driving the vehicle he stole ? Anyways, I saw his new mug shot , poster boy for meth . They better keep him this time
  6. I had heard about the one by the airport. But someone told me it isn't there anymore
  7. Thank you . I hope sooner than later
  8. I had to submit my vehicle title to the court house for a name change . I'm just wondering how long it takes to get the new title . It's been 1 week , so should I be getting it soon ? Thank you
  9. Speaking of 'rock bottom' have you seen the latest health inspections in Hiram ? I don't know if I can name names but one place scored a 44 , and another (lets say they have milk shakes) scored a 69 . How do you score so low ? dirty ? uncooked meat ? food not kept cold enough ? employees that don't care ? bad management ?
  10. <br /><br /><br /> BINGO !!!! I LOVE THIS !!! <br /><br /><br /> I LOVE this too !! Im going to get this as well since I missed the shower and 3 of us are attending the wedding . Im so happy I asked !! I like the sign for the front door as well . If I can find the basket for less , I'd love to get them all 3 gifts .
  11. All great ideas. Their registry for her shower is at Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy's My Mother lucked out . She had 43 points on her Discover card and was able to get 2 / $25 gift cards from BB&B I think of was thinking of something kind of sentimental
  12. My nephew is getting married in April . He & his bride to be are 29 , first marriage . I am so happy for them . I have not been to a wedding in about 25 years , and as his aunt , I feel bad I had to miss her shower because I work weekends. I am taking their wedding day off to attend. I need a suggestions for a special gift . I want this gift to be special . help , help . Any suggestions ? I want an awww factor
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