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  1. If I can get my possessed camera to work I will try and get some updated pics in the next 2 or 3 days..
  2. What a worthless post.. WE NEED PICS!!!! LOL Why in the world would you be running air pumps in a saltwater tank? LOL Yeah.. That is a HUGE pita in the aquarium world.. I would let the wife spray febreze within 10' of the tank unless I covered it with a blanket first.. Lucky now its all in the wall and NOTHING gets sprayed in my fish room except water when Im not paying attention..
  3. I understand.. The fish range anywhere from $6 to $4000.. I've also seen pieces of coral smaller than pinkey nails go for $2500+ One of the good things about the hobby is finding a local club.. We actually have the largest local reef club in the country in Atlanta..(Which I'm president of. LOL) soooooo many members give away coral for free when its getting to big or trade for other stuff they like.. Buying used gear is the best thing to do in the hobby.. I can think of only 1 thing that I bought new.. My lighting setup.. It added up fast. $160 for 2 light bulbs $320 for 2 reflectors $300 for a ballast to power them Not to mention the 500 watts those are pulling 8 hours a day.. If you decide to really consider it, let me know and we can work up a plan.. I had a member earlier ask me about converting a 150 over to the dark side.. What I told them (and this goes for everyone) If you want to do it.. I know a lot of shortcuts that are fine to use and work perfectly and what products that some stores sell that are a waste of money.. I've been keeping salt water for about 12 years or so.. So I've learned a lot of ins and outs with tricks to get the job done right.. The most important thing you can ever get is patience..lol We have a saying: "Nothing good has ever happened in this hobby fast, only bad"
  4. Thanks dear!! Everytime I see or hear someone say they want to do saltwater but its: Too hard Expensive Time consuming It makes me smile.. I use a bucket of salt (works out to about 120 gallons of saltwater and is $45) a month and the only thing I add to it is water for what I lose to evap and skimming and food (maybe $10 and last for 6 months or so) The upfront cost can be rather expensive if you buy all new stuff or buy stuff that you can barely scrape by on since you WILL end up replacing it once you get addicted and want to go bigger and more advanced.. Exampl: That tank is a 220 gallon(72"x24"x30") "Reef Ready" made by All Glass Aquariums. New I wouldnt want to know how much they cost.. Upwards of $1000 for just the tank Im sure. I bought this one from a friend and got a stand and canopy (didnt use either) with the tank and it was $300. My protein skimmer is about $600 new (without a pump) I only paid $200 for it.. Used is the way to go, but only if you trust where its coming from. If anyone wants to get into the hobby and would like some advice or a guiding hand about what is good for what or the direction to take the first step, feel free to let me know. MORE PICS!!
  5. Wow.. I would rather take my chances with killers rather than a lineman.. Turns out I am allergic to electricity..LOL
  6. No kidding on the tap water.. I have a 100 gallon per day RODI unit on the wall next to the tank.. The input is coming from the water line on the house and the waste is tied into the drain for the sink a couple rooms over, all under the house..
  7. Wondering if anyone here keeps aquariums? Ive been a fish keeper since I was a little kid and always found it to be rather rewarding. Once I moved to saltwater, My interest grew 10 fold. Lucky for me my wife is very understanding (As you will see in some pics Im going to post). Just wondering if anyone else is a fish nerd also.. Now.. Pics.. Me acting silly Starting the project Normal closet door Modified opening LOL Tank sitting in place Trim around tank Filling tank Plumbing End result Random pictures Sorry for all the pictures.. Just easy to explain it that way.. Ignore the date stamp it was waaaay off.. I started on this in Feb of this year..
  8. Wow.. I have read all 4 pages of this tragedy.. Let me give you my run down on this from an outside party who knows none of these people or posters.. Everyone is screaming for THEIR favorite to win and tossing slop on others with a differing view point because its not who they like. Its rather sad to see ADULTS act in such a manner towards each other. Its no wonder our country is going down the tubes as it is. When neighbor will fight neighbor tooth and nail, Its really show a weakness in our community. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying lay down and die if someone doesnt agree to knock rock the boat. Perhaps I am seeing to far into this for what it really is and taking it out of context.. I can say this, If you dont live in the area this person is running for.. I really dont see the reason to keep it up.. Make your case based on FACTS and let it go. This whole thread seems to be a cancer of this forum. I realize I dont post ever except about fish tanks and horror movies, but I still live in the county and care what happens. I wouldnt make any decisions of who I would vote for based on slander and mud slinging though.. I feel sorry for those that would....
  9. SOunds like one of those "Blue Hippo" deals.. I have never understood what would come over someone to do that.. Hell, for that I could buy a Voodoo...
  10. Fish store as in sells live fish.. Not as in fish market..
  11. Nope, The owner's name is Cliff. Completly different business.
  12. Just wanted to share for those interested. There is a new saltwater fish and coral store in Hiram. The name of it is All Things Aquatic. Have some really cool fish and coral in there. It seems he is just getting going and still building out the inside but has great looking livestock already! I think he said he also does install and maintenance, good for anyone looking to get into the hobby!! He is in the same store strip as Cheeseburger Bobbys in Hiram.. Like 3 or 4 doors down..
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