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  1. Knowing your wild imagination and propensity to jump to conclusions I half expected you to blame this on Victor Hugo's Quasimodo.
  2. As Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, burned in a horrifying fire that reportedly brought down the iconic spire atop the eight-century-old structure, Donald Trump checked in on Twitter with his own solution to the calamity — “flying water tankers.” https://www.inquisitr.com/5393982/donald-trump-calls-for-flying-water-tankers-to-put-out-notre-dame-cathedral-fire-in-paris/
  3. CitizenCain

    I am sad

    13. Regularly provoke people and blame them for the fight.
  4. CitizenCain

    I am sad

    Not once in this thread have I mentioned your name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j13oJajXx0M
  5. CitizenCain

    I am sad

    SMH, See what I mean ?
  6. CitizenCain

    I am sad

    I had to step away when a member started sending me crazy PM's messages like he was taking pictures of my house, had me under surveillance and said he was going to publish my name and address on the internet. I have this thing about crazy people my gut instinct tells me to steer clear of them.
  7. A new battery should have a 36 to 48 month warranty you have plenty of time to find out if it's a lemon.
  8. CitizenCain

    I am sad

    Good to see all the sweet, civil, ever so polite, let's get along people back on p.com
  9. So as the old joke goes ' Now that we have established you're a whore we're just haggling over the price'.?
  10. Are you denying the Pentagon cannot account for trillions ( trillions with a T) of taxpayer dollars ?
  11. You're right Cp30 it's all fake news, Mexico is paying for the wall Trump has not added 2 trillion dollars to the national debt, he has accomplished more in two years than any president in our history, Putin is our friend,the Saudi Prince did not have a guy sawed in half and some fat guy did indeed hack our elections from his mama's basement. Oh yea Trump's inauguration, biggest turn out in our nation's history. MAGA !
  12. The Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where Its Money GoesThe military finally submits to an audit, and the results are poor. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/01/opinion/sunday/pentagon-spending-audit-failed.html A trillion here a trillion there pretty soon you're talking about real money.
  13. Now if our own military can stop throwing money away we might be getting somewhere. The Pentagon Can't Account for $21 Trillionhttps://www.truthdig.com/articles/the-pentagon-cant-account-for-21-trillion/
  14. I hope it does not turn out your Irish, let's face they are all potato eating drunkards.
  15. While you're spilling beans how about explaining this .....
  16. I don't swing that way but I've seen your picture Dude and you are one ugly SOB. Could it be that one of your companies is a smelling service ? I bet with that nose you could sniff out mouse farting a mile away.
  17. Ive seen your facebook page dude, all it is is one endless picture of you, one after another after another. Kind of like all that "activity" on that site you moderate. One GD post after another after another after another. You just can't get enough of yourself can you ? Which of course begs the question what kind of Business Tycoon has so much spare time on his hands ?
  18. No dude you are and always have been the most toxic member on this site, countless good people have stopped contributing here because of you. Behavior you wouldn't allow for a second on that rag you moderate Is ad hominem your word of the week ? No one has attached your character without just cause. BTW Just because the owner of this site does not try to impress people with grandiose claims of success like you do does not mean or give you any proof he is not every bit as successful as you seem to think you are.
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