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  1. Maybe not the intent of this sites new owners but it sure is christmas in august for a certain few. From now on if you have a political opinion in this county there is only one place to express it and if it's not "right" you better believe it's wrong. That place just happens to be in the hands of the very folks that has been trying to sabotage this site for years so merry christmas if you can't beat them burn down the house and run em out of town. BTW would you say that's part of the so called conservative values ?
  2. I don't think it's any secret around here that certain people have been trying for a long time to shutdown any political views that didn't stand in lock step with theirs. Now that he has the corner on political debate in Paulding county I imagine he's feeling pretty smug these days.
  3. If you are conservative, it means you resist change That sounds about right, thanks.
  4. "conservative values" What does that mean ?
  5. Universal truth ; Never trust a Politician, a Lawyer or an Insurance salesman.
  6. To be honest to see PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of America substituted while sadly true is as offensive if not more than seeing his name.
  7. Was tempted to ask if her sweater kept those puppies warm or if puppies lift and separate but decided it best to keep it to myself , (you never know what that gang of 9 might do next.)
  8. Tempting, but as Johnny Carson use to say ; "I wouldn't touch that line with a 10Ft pole".
  9. It was just yesterday that a governor, a senator and a prince found themselves implicated in this nasty affair but I"m sure, I doubt, it probably has nothing to do with Epstein managing to hang himself in one of the most secure prisons in America. https://www.yahoo.com/news/jeffrey-epstein-sent-girl-governor-200551923.html
  10. CIA, MI6 , KGB ? Financier Jeffrey Epstein dies by apparent suicide in jail Wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein has died in an apparent jailhouse suicide in New York City while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges over his alleged abuse of underage girls, officials said Saturday. Epstein, 66, appeared to have hanged himself in his cell at the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan early Saturday, according to officials. The prosecution has been closely watched in political circles because Epstein was friendly in the past with a variety
  11. I like a good fat joke ect. as the next guy, I'm just trying to figure out the ground rules of this new kinder / gentler website.
  12. So for future reference, it's ok to be hateful as long as your target is an imaginary person ?
  13. In determining where the problem is, you might want to look at who constantly starts the threads that do nothing but bash and criticize the president

  14. A question for the Mod's is the option to ignore and set someone invisible still available and how would one do that.
  15. Obviously this restriction from making insults snide remarks and threats has some folks very upset.
  16. So far 3 foreign nations have told their citizens travel to America too hazardous. Foreign countries are issuing warnings to their citizens about traveling to the United States after violence left 31 people dead in two mass shootings this weekend. The Japanese Consul in Detroit published an alert Sunday that said Japanese citizens “should be aware of potential for gunfire” everywhere in the U.S., which they described as a “gun society, https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2019/08/06/mass-shootings-force-foreign-countries-issue-us-travel-warnings/1930215001/
  17. That is one thing about the old layout I miss, when you went to see what people were posting (activity) over say the past week or so you saw the titles and after clicking on a title you could see the comments for that subject. Now you're seeing every post being made in no particular order and it's a jumbled up mess.
  18. Mystery solved. used avatar name instead of email address .
  19. Here is what I had to do to respond to your post : Sign in (email address / last saved password) Website does not recognize my user name or the password. Keep trying until my account is locked and a email is sent to recover password. Password recovery is successful. Now if I leave and come back later I will find I am no longer signed in the recovery password will not work and the dance starts over again. So far I've done everything but dance the hokey pokey and nothing works.
  20. Am I the only one ? When I saw that Pcom was back up and running I tried to log in, the site would not recognize my password after several tries it locked the account and sent me a email instructing me to reset my password. I have done that several times but each time I log out the site will no longer recognize my new password.
  21. Your new website cannot remember passwords I have had to rest mine 3 times already. I'm pretty sure if I sign out I will have to do it again.
  22. Old school, fact is today and maybe for the last 2 decades the japanese have made the best cars on the road.
  23. I was kind of hoping that before you started charging folks to use this site you would be happy with that huge advertisement you have for a signature.
  24. We have a representative in Washington don't we ? I'm not sure I just heard a rumor that we did. I think he's the same guy that sends me an email every two years asking for money and my vote.
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