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  1. Recorded message at water department says Villa Rica Rd and Dallas Nebo out of service. Anyone heard anything ?
  2. They will have to wait in line while some of Donald Trump's "very good people" the neo nazi's have their fun. ARMED NEO-NAZIS MARCHED WITH POLICE PROTECTION DURING DETROIT PRIDE PARADE An armed white nationalist neo-Nazi group marched, with a police escort, in protest during Detroit's Pride parade this weekend. During the event, members of NSM were seen tearing up a pride flag while one man was photographed as he appeared to urinate on an Israeli flag, Fox News reported. The NSM protesters also made Nazi salutes and carried weapons as they demonstrated on Saturday. .... bodyca
  3. Why would anyone riot against a system that was designed and engineered to favor them ? Tell me when was the last time law enforcement pulled you over for being White ?
  4. I like to tell myself nothing has changed it's just that between 24/7 news coverage social media and the internet nothing gets past us any more I know that one man with the ability to kill dozens of people was not something your average citizen could do in the past, Still I like to tell myself this to keep from going insane
  5. Well that's not so bad, I mean it not great but at least he didn't say sorry dude you have a brain tumor.
  6. I don't know who your doctor is but have you thought of finding someone else, or at least getting a 2nd opinion ?
  7. Even more entertaining is your obsession with me, if you like I could send you photos.
  8. I don't think a degree in air conditioning repair qualifies you as an environmental scientist.
  9. When I want a scientific opinion I'll ask a real scientist, not some know it all high school dropout.
  10. We know that you and your kind have no problem with poisoning the planet and people in exchange for a higher profit margin. We know that you're willing to trade crumbling bridges unsafe roads and people's health and wellbeing in exchange for billionaire tax cuts. We know you favor corporate wellfare over social welfare.
  11. Which regulations do you want to see cut ? Here are a few that he has. Requirement for oil and gas companies to report methane emissions leaks Rule that limits toxic emissions from industrial facilities Proposed rule to reduce air pollutants from sewage treatment plants Rules aimed at cutting landfill methane emissions In the Process of Being Overturned Delayed rule regulating toxic discharges from power plants into public waterways Proposed rule rolling back groundwater protections for certain uranium mines Two programs that limit children’s exposure to lead paint http
  12. You should find an action house and let them sell them , with the right crowd they could be worth more than you think. https://www.gallery63.net/
  13. Trump took his ball and went home. I guess he will just be eating cheeseburgers and watching Fox News for the rest of his term. Oh and tweeting lots and lots of tweeting.
  14. Went last week, first thing I noticed they had 14 terminals with 3 open for business. I thought who are they kidding there will never actually be 14 DMV employees working here at one time. I concluded it was either just for show or they had money in the budget they had to spend on something.
  15. Speaking of old have you seen the video going around of Mick Jagger doing dance routines weeks after having heart surgery ? The guy is pushing 80 and still moves like he's 20.
  16. Cruz warns 'Space Force' needed to prevent space pirates https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/443923-ted-cruz-says-space-force-is-necessary-to-prevent-space-pirates
  17. What everyone else is doing ; log onto amazon.com .
  18. Good to hear she is in such good hands, she is indeed a lucky dog. As for the beard tickling, I don't even want to know how you managed to discover that.
  19. You think ? https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/national-international/Las-Vegas-Concert-Mass-Shooting-Country-Music-Festival-449045513.html When you saints start preaching as much concern for the thousands that die everyday because of some nut job with a gun as you are for this then I'll throw a dollar in the collection plate. When you start giving a rats ass amount of concern over whether or not a child gets a decent meal at night as you are about forcing a woman carry it then I'll join the choir. Because until I see people care as much for that baby after it leaves the hospital as
  20. BREAKING: Man in 'serious condition' after shooting at metro Atlanta Home Depot PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - The Paulding County Sheriff's Office is actively investigating a shooting at a Home Depot. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/breaking-person-shot-at-metro-atlanta-home-depot/945990747
  21. There's no need for diplomacy we know what side and who in particular that whines, complains, and pitches tantrums about the moderation when things don't go his way. Why you gut's would volunteer for such a difficult and thankless job is beyond me but I do admire you for doing it.
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