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  1. Look at the dates these posters joined Pcom...Most joined in 2004. Thank you all for your support through the years.
  2. Explanation of the bullet/mayberry system. QUOTE First, the thing you are seeing under you member name is how we keep track of your bullets and mayberries. It is nothing sinister. Second, no one can see it but you, the mods and Pubby. So do not go thinking God and everybody else can see how many bullets or mayberries you have. Third, a bullet is a bad thing. A mayberry is a good thing. The mods give bullets for doing something wrong (like be snarky or disruptive) or a mayberry for doing something good (like helping out a newbie or telling someone about a Commerce member's go
  3. Good afternoon folks, it has been a while. The Sheriff has requested that I give out some Mayberries, so make a post in this topic and I will start the giving. Posters with none or a few posts are encouraged to join in, to break the ice so to speak. Believe me, it does get easier. Just ask some of the top posters. I want to remind the Commerce members that this is a good way to get noticed here on Pcom. OK, who is first?
  4. Blondiegal is correct. Simply copy and paste. This board is constantly changing and it is no wonder I get losttttttttt.
  5. LR try this http://paulding.com/forum/index.php/topic/267208-what-song-can-you-find-with/page__view__findpost__p__3416320
  6. Come on Thelma, give the gal a break.
  7. Now why would I invite the dirty party girls?
  8. Select video Select 'Share' Copy link Open post Select 'Media' (last emblem above) Delete http:// Paste link in slot Click 'Insert Media'
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