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  1. I don't charge at all but some socks and underware from my dryer must have become ghosts they be gone..
  2. I make my own choices and have done well , not bragging some of his ideas are flawed but I think most folks would and should take note of his advice..
  3. He has issues I think he is related to the subway weight loss dude and might be related to a beaver or woodchuck or a muskrat.
  4. Benwa1

    Dear Pubby

    What happened to the kind people I knew , really makes me sad all the attacks ect..
  5. I would strip the rubber off and take the plug out and get a new wire
  6. I have never lived in an area that have trashed the roadsides as they do here.. And I am sure that the trash in the yards may be bank owned or they have been ousted.. But still who does that to your neighbors I just had a person move out 2 houses from me and left trash on the roof lived here 6 years let him borrow my lawn equipment and then he bought his own but dang right on the corner to my street not helping my property value.. I have lived in many states but this has to be the worst yet as far as caring for your properties and your roadways .. Same guy that burned his car up ws
  7. I lived in Miami for a few years the humidity is bad but the average temps are lower and you have an ocean breeze it was nice year round..
  8. Benwa1


    Dude I have been old I just like the breast polish on the hood..
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