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  1. Is this school expensive?
  2. I have two neighbors who do this and they're definitely not rednecks. It looks awful and I don't see the point when they have such a long driveway.
  3. If I had nothing to hide I'd let them search. I could wait for them to get a search warrant but why waste their time or mine?
  4. El Zorro, do you work for the county in any capacity? Just wondering!
  5. He came into our neighborhood and was looking at my neighbors vacant house. We questioned him while I had her on the phone. Took down his tag number and description and after reading the nixle on him called the sheriffs office. Hopefully they'll find him. He's driving a dark colored GMC Yukon with Pa. tags.
  6. I received something in the mail today that says DONATE YOUR CAR 1-888-377-9421 Heritage for the Blind. Free Towing-Tax Deductible
  7. Not my internet but my cables has gone out quite a bit. I called them and they pro rated my bill. Not much but....
  8. I've had Wells Fargo for all my mortgages. This is our 3rd and I love them. Never had a problem with them.
  9. Mine was only $162.00. Do most of you who have a bill above $250.00 have 2 a/c units?
  10. I switched from mine to that company as they offered recycling. Well I'm back at my original one. I never should have switched. That company su***! For two weeks they never came and picked up anything. I called them everyday for a week and the manager told me it was ridiculous and that someone would be out that day.........still no pickup. They're supposed to come next week to get their cans. They'll get them when they give me my money back. Oh they said they'd let me out of my contract because they breached it. Yah think?
  11. What a bunch of idiots. So they're concerned with who made it, how it was made, etc... but if they pay the $50.00 a day who gives a s***! Contradiction I'd say. Let the girls make lemonade and sell it. If people don't want to buy it they won't. If they do then so be it. What is this world coming too?
  12. It's really nice outside tonight.
  13. We just switched because they offered recycling. I have had nothing but problems with them. They are supposed to come to my house and they have come 2 days late both weeks. I told them I was going to cancel my service. They still haven't showed up to pick up the recycling.
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