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  1. Im headed to the mtn house on friday so i sincerely hope it does snow in north georgia!!! I would LOVE to wake up to the white stuff all over the hills in cherokee county, nc. Yes!!!!! We have tons of movies, programs, crafts, and food so we will be just fine and enjoy the SILENCE for miles. If it dont we will be out and about at the flea markets and local antique stores visiting those who know me up yonder. i hear banjo music!! Good luck nc-17....I havent texted or talked to ya in a bit so ill holler when you are no longer under anesthesia.
  2. should have figured it would not lead to an actual answer. Ill search elsewhere but yes i DO DRIVE and im also legally handicapped in other ways. I seldom to NEVER go further than a few miles from home and absolutely never after dark not that it matters cause i can see just fine from afar...not close up. Ya know...moderators please remove topic. Wasted my time once again with the ever so lovely crowd that sits and watches this site. MY BAD!!!!!! Pan handling in georgia is getting bad in general and in case anyone wants to know .....the person standing at bobo and mt tabor with a sign that says "will work for food" and on the other side "hungry" is a well known meth head and has a rap sheet a mile long in numerous states. Yes, i would like to see this person stopped from taking fellow paulding residents money or better yet robbing them blind when he manages to get on their property and survey whats worth pawning.
  3. I do not see well and cannot see a good bit of the paulding county website but if i could be linked to the actual topic i may be able to read it when my son increases the font for me. Id like to see a particular intersection void of those folks if its possible and legally not allowed. Thanks
  4. SHe had a rough weekend running back and forth to the hospital for her mother (please keep your thoughts with her so she gets better soon) but she still managed to get me a free twin mattress set with frame so i can put up the futon and have an actual bed once again!!!! Took us a bit with everything going on with her mom to get it all set up but by yesterday afternoon i had my new bed set up and sheets on it and i slept sooooo much better. She really wanted it to go to someone who really needed it and would get use out of it and that is exactly where is now lives. THank you soooooooo much Caso for your generous gift and itll come back to ya im sure!
  5. you HAVE IT ALL woman!!! I simply want to be permitted to skip christmas altogether for once. No tree, no cooking, no gifts to wrap, just a nice calm mini vacation at home with hubby watching "Its a wonderful life" while eating some homemade chicken and dumplings. Reckon thats asking too much? lol
  6. Thanks yall. I thought maybe they would buy the tennis bracelets separate from the other gold since they are both white and yellow gold mixed and all the stones are in them. Oh well, those are actually my "high end" pieces so i guess ill see if anyone is interested in purchasing those outright. The rest is either missing stones or bent or broken. Seriously just trying to see if i can get the bills under control and i may not be able to SEE to put the jewelry on anyways soon so i figured thats a good place to start.
  7. Send me pm if ya know a really good place as i need to liquidate 26 yrs of jewelry so i can get the bills down to a more workable level. As most know i am not healthy and it seems i need to "get my house in order" so my husband will be able to tend to bills when i get to where i can no longer see to pay them or become too ill to do them. Thanks for your help.
  8. I was really hoping this was gonna be something hilarious....oh well. I agree about just getting over it...we are all in the same boat, or sinking ship if you feel its that bad. Lets try to be nice and continue to help each other out thru these tough times and keep it POSITIVE....please?
  9. Technically thats right but i have seven hens and one acre in a pen attached to the very back of our property and also one side is my neighbors fence. She pretty well lets the back half of her yard be wild and free with very thick trees and weeds so she doesnt mind. As long as they dont get out and wander and you dont have those neighbors who will complain about every little thing you should be okay. Ours go in at night and get locked in due to possums leaving me headless hens...gag. In the colder weather they do stop laying as i dont have heat for them but insulated coop. Come spring though we are overrun with eggs and i have no rooster and mix laying crumbles with scratch feed. I end up giving away dozens in the spring and summer.In winter i get one or two a week but dont mind buying them cause i know ill have surplus again later (you can also freeze eggs in gallon ziploc bags...google it) I too have no idea where anyone is getting plain old white eggs for 89 cents a dozen much less good brown eggs or organic ones....not around here for sure at any store..i havent prcied them at the farmers mkts though. Good luck. The best time to get pullets is in the spring and elrods or the cartersville feed store will have them cheap...take a rabbit cage or big box with ya and enjoy your chickens
  10. okay what time do the gates open at the meadows cause there are no hours on the site???? got a truckload to go with me so i need to know what time to tell them to get here and pile in!!
  11. whree the heck is gay georgia? never heard of it and yes, i will be in attendance at paulding meadows...missed it last year cause i took son in law and daughter to mtns for his bday but not gonna do that this year. We are waiting till end of sept. to go to mtn house and zipline cause hubby prefers it a bit cooler weather.
  12. i received a note from the mail carrier AFTER my garbage service left my cans in the way of mailbox so now i have to watch when the come and make sure they arent blocking the box. Ive asked them to watch out cause others may also be involved and they are very nice about it but not always the same pickup person either.
  13. I left for a month but i am doing good to catch up on facebook much less here. Bull testicles and participles sound kinda interesting though..ha.
  14. ack!!! i forgot cause i have to dvr teen wolf as well. A friend is playing the father of one of the teens and we are watching to see him act. Going to set the series record for glades now cause hubby always falls asleep during them..lol.
  15. awesome....i would love that but hubby would pitch a fit...it would come in handy when the sun comes thru the front door and blinds him every evening on the porch though...I had one blind on that side but it was cheap and fell apart. Very pretty and well done. Did you sew them yourself??? I'd love to see where ya got the instructions for them just in case he would allow me to do it at least on each end.
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