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  1. This is a very sad state of affairs and extremely embarrassing to our county.
  2. The insurance companies are pushing everything they can to outpatient. My wife just had knee replacement surgery. They wanted to do hers outpatient (I was seriously freaked out about caring for her a few hours post op. They decided to keep her overnight due to a couple of cardiac issues she had. This is the new world we live in. I hope your daughter does well with her surgery. wsf
  3. We are looking for someone to clean our house. We aren't super picky, but would like the same person to come to our house for each cleaning. We are looking for someone every 2-3 weeks and we wouldn't mind working with an independent. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks, westside family
  4. Pubby, Good job the other night. I am a westsider and support the airport and progress in the county. Past that, this thread is making me tired. I am so tired of the snarky, conspiracy theories and constant protesting. We live in a great county. I am not pleased with every decision the commission has made, but I continue to be proud to live in Paulding County. Let's all work to make this a great place to live and work. Life is too short to live in a negative vaccuum. westside family
  5. Need someone to do some grading/clearing. Anybody have any recommendations? Thanks, westside family
  6. IHOP in Hiram will be open all day. westside family
  7. Anyone on here know of someone who can repair a 1x2 foot hole in a popcorn covered drywall ceiling? I need the drywall replaced, finished and then do the best possible job spraying a small area of popcorn. PM me if you have the experience/tools to do the job. Thanks, westside family
  8. Don was a fine gentleman. I can see him wearing a hat and being heaven's greeter at the gate. He was always friendly and welcoming. Rest in peace Don. Our prayers are with the family. God bless, westside family
  9. lowrider, My wife had this done a few years ago and it was the only thing that would diagnose her problem after a year of CT Scans & MRI's. It is an old school test & they have it down to a science today - even though they don't do them that often. You will be fine. Prayers that they find what they find that problem. westside family
  10. The lady in the gold Sebring has taken to the skies in an elaborate plot to avoid Paulding's finest.
  11. We went to the show tonight also. It was disappointing to see how few people were there. I don't think there were more than 30 people in the whole theater. We had a great time. westside family
  12. We are without power (GA Power) on the west side of Dallas? Is the city of Dallas in the dark? Does Kroger have power at 61 & 278? Thanks, westside family
  13. My wife's parents love Dr. Mike Laur in Hiram. Village Podiatry Centers 1899 Lake Road Suite 210 Hiram, GA 30141 Phone: (770) 943-7877 Good luck, westside family
  14. Mrs. westside family and I just bought two new 2011 Fusions last weekend. They are awesome cars. The 07 Fusion I had never saw the dealer's service door. They are great cars. I am glad to see an American brand doing so well.
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