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  1. I actually thought they put it in there to get it through by if you said No its agreeing to it. I will have to look for it and edit my post accordingly.
  2. Kinda sad that employees come in for Paulding and douglas knowing most roads leading to the main roads are impassible. Many people can not drive in it and cause problems for the ones that can. But no worries here cause cobb cares about their staff.
  3. Maybe we can shake the poles to get ice off.
  4. Mine is still off. Was on a couples hours around 3am.
  5. Son came home and told me lots of police were there. Something about people waving gun(s) around . One was in custody. Was looking for another. Not sure if it was correct or not. He heard it was an off duty officer too that had the gun. Conflicting stories he said. Was wondering if someone knows what really happened.
  6. Video Posted: Oct 03 2017 09:18PM EDT PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - A woman in Paulding County shot video Tuesday morning of some sort of cat. She said she fears it’s a mountain lion. Nicole Rivers said she is concerned because of the school nearby and wants state officials to come out to investigate. "I've never seen a cat like that," said Rivers. "It was much larger than the video makes it appear to be. I've never seen a household cat that size. And in the video it was crouching down in the grass, there was another domestic cat it was going after. But definitely wasn't just a regular domestic cat."
  7. she said it was called allumiderm (skin) and Allumineye (eye cream)
  8. One on her statement has revyouthcomp as an entry and the other one entry was sshgrpi*freshsk. I am waiting to hear from my mom to see what the names are. Those were on her bank register.
  9. Make sure you tell your parents and older folks. Its a big scam. Offers a bottle of cream for 6 dollars. In small print on the terms it says if you continue the subscription and don't cancel and RETURN the cream that wasn't used they will charge you 86 dollars a month. And if you get one free or on discount then its another 86 dollars for that one. My mother did this and was short of cash and couldn't get her food because they took out 180 dollars out of her account. The bank was going to work with her and put it on their insurance but the place said she agreed to it. Yes the 6 dolla
  10. Gosh I am so sorry to hear that. I read back and i dont understand how a broken leg led to it. I am so shocked by it. I pop in every once in a while and i knew i seen him on. I was just wondering on the house cause his name is still on the assessors thing and dated in july 2017 so I thought he bought it back.
  11. She was awfully young to have that disease. I am so sorry. She helped me through some hard times many years ago and probably helped me keep my sanity through it too. I always think about her. Its a shame the sheriffs dept. didn't help her more after working so long there. RIP Officer Deavers. She worked at Hiram High long ago.
  12. Paulding Waste with them for 22 years. Not one problem.
  13. So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and family.
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