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  1. I know, you don't like to have people here that don't agree with you.
  2. Refresh my memory. The hijackers were trained to fly air liners in OUR country under which president? The same president is on video admitting that the Saudis offered to turn bin Laden over to him a couple of years prior to 9/11, but he declined to take custody of him. . Oh yeah, that was Bill Clinton. Perhaps some of your righteous indignation should be spread to certain Democrats along with Republicans.
  3. No one finds that acceptable. I could turn that around and say it's surprising what Democrats find acceptable For instance, Ambassador Stevens being raped, shocked with a cattle prod, beaten and then drug through the streets until dead. Or two Marines being killed while trying to protect him. How's it feel? Regarding the lies....yeah, Trump lies. And both Clintons lie, and Obama lies, etc. The difference in the numbers count s mostly due to the type of lies and the level of scrutiny that is being used. For example: a lot of Trump's lies are his frequent exaggerations. Technically still lies, but Clintons and Obama did the same thing without the media keeping track of every little misspeak. If we were comparing apples to apples; Obama would have at least as many lies on the tally as Trump does. No, I'm not approving of any of them, but I am calling you out on your double standard. I don't recall you taking issue with Obama's lies or Hillary's lies. Obama is still lying his butt off; he's out there on the "campaign trail" (campaigning for a legacy, it seems) taking credit for the booming economy. Truth is...most of us on the conservative side (notice I didn't identify us as Republicans) have plenty of issues with Trump. But we know that most of them make him no worse than his predecessor or the Democratic nominee for president. Even if we wanted to criticize the man here, we'd have to stand in line behind you guys that hate his guts.
  4. This is why Dems hate Trump; he does what he said he'd do. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-perspec-honesty-trump-keeps-campaign-promises-presidential-truthfulness-1017-story.html
  5. In normal dieting, it's actually suggested by most standard diets (not Atkins or Keto) that you have a "cheat day" once a week. The body gets used to eating the same kind of food and number of calories each day, and it can be good to "shock" it now and then with a change of diet. That's what I did when I lost 80 lbs a few years ago. I'd eat super clean all week, workout like a madman, and then have that chocolate Sundae after church (at least I blessed it first ) However, not knowing more about what you were diagnosed with, I can't say that it would be the right thing for you. And as has already been mentioned; it could be like that one drink to an alcoholic. But I do sympathize with you; I fight the craving to eat too much every single day. And sometimes I fail.
  6. Can you hear it? Largest one-day gain ever. Is this Trump's fault too, Cain? https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/stock-futures-trade-cautiously-on-political-concerns
  7. I support our president as a general rule, but I praise him when he's right and criticize him when he's wrong. I treated Obama the same way. You really need to get off this kick of thinking anyone who doesn't hate the man's guts is in love with him. It's dumb and narrow minded.
  8. You were rejoicing. You and your fellow loyal Democrats would gladly see the stork market and the entire economy crash just so you could justify your hatred of Trump. You care more about winning than you do for your country.
  9. Sorry, Cain. The market dip that you were rejoicing over was short-lived.
  10. There are multiple reasons for recent stock market volatility, and Trump's policies are certainly a factor in that. What some here with no financial savvy don't seem to realize is; lots of other factors also affect the market, including politics and the media. All the trash talk from the media and Democrats, and the change in House leadership are probably more to blame for Tuesday's crash than anything. Today's rebound is likely a correction for an over-reaction on Tuesday due to the negativity from the media and Democrats.
  11. Nice try, but that isn't us and we have no interest in any other domain or hits The Hwy is not a for profit site, it's member supported. As for drama...you might ask Cain why he felt the need to stir some up.
  12. I didn't say that you'd been to the other site, only that you might try harder to keep your attack dog on his leash. And it's not my site, I'm just an admin there. It was started by a former member here who you banned for mentioning the sites name. So much for you supporting free speech, huh? Besides, it you really believes in free speech you wouldn't forbid the topic of abooooztion. Cain was banned from there because he admitted that he only came there to start crap. Even then, I gave him a chance to discuss it with me, but he didn't and he won't because he never planned on staying there. He knows that we won't allow him to make nasty personal attacks as he does here. He apparently gets his cookies over attacking people. If I thought Cain would take my advice, I'd suggest to him that he focus on putting some happiness back into his own life instead of projecting his misery onto others. Might be good advice for you as well. I noticed how both you and he have tried to make this political. What happened at the Hwy has nothing to do with politics, it has everything to do with Cain being a bitter and hate-filled person who was just looking to start trouble. "" Finally...I've been staying out of political threads here, so save your insults and conspiracy theories for someone else.
  13. Yes we do, the one who makes daily hateful and toxic posts. And then carried the hate to another site. Cain. And you support and protect him, even at the cost of your site failing. Which it has, at your own hand But I don't have to allow this deadly venom to spread to other sites. Hence the reason he was suspended on The Hwy. Destroy your site if you wish, but you don't have the right to project your hate and misery on other sites. Keep your hatred here and let it die with your forum.
  14. You went there with the express intent of pissing the members off and then leaving; you told us so in one of your posts. And you did it on Christmas day, which didn't set well with some folks, myself included. I was trying to spend time with my family, and having to respond to post reports because of you was interrupting that. I didn't have to let you in; anyone joining there requires manual approval from a moderator, and I made the decision to give you a chance. And let's tell the rest of the story...I left you a message to email me if you were genuinely interested in contributing to the community, and we'd talk about it. Of course, you didn't email me, because you never had any intention of staying or doing anything BUT stirring up crap. As one member of both forums put it; you've already killed this site, we don't want you to kill the other one as well. Discussion forums are for discussion. When you start a thread, you have already tried and convicted the subject of the thread, so there's no room left for any real discussion, and you aren't interested in hearing any other opinions anyway. Most people don't want to see that kind of hate and ugliness, except others who are equally filled with hate and ugliness. And that explains why you are allowed to stay at this site. So, nice try, Cain, but you're busted. Up until just now, this site has had a grand total of one new post in 24 hours, and you are a major factor in reducing this once great forum to such pathetic levels. The other site has been active, even on Christmas Day. And we'd like it to stay that way. Merry Christmas
  15. To give a serious answer...Acqua di Gio. is my fav and the wifey agrees. Never overwhelming, and the scent lasts. Good stuff, albeit pricey.
  16. OK, but please be careful. That stuff is nothing to take chances with.
  17. Before I answer, let's clarify. White wires are usually neutrals. Meaning, they are attached to the neutral or ground bar, and not to a breaker. They are not "HOT" wires in this scenario. However, in certain 230 volt ONLY applications, it's allowable to use a white wire as a HOT. If you have a 2 conductor plus ground cable, meaning 2 insulated conductors plus a bare ground, your white could be used as a hot. But normally, your colors in that application would be black, white, and bare copper. You usually don't get a red wire except when you have a 3 conductor plus ground (3 insulated conductors plus a bare copper ground. Then you would have a black, white, red and bare copper ground. If...and you need to be 100% sure here, you had a 2-pole breaker and both the red and white wires were connected to the two screws on the breaker, then no it doesn't matter which one goes where because you'll have 230 volts across the poles either way. BUT...if the white wire was actually a neutral and you connect it to the breaker, then you'll possibly energize the cabinet of the stove and create a dangerous shock hazard. So be sure that both the red and white both did go to the old breaker. If you're not 100% sure, then get an electrician out there before you hurt someone.
  18. The mods responded that they see nothing to report.
  19. Yep, I've reported his posts too. I'm doing what the mods asked me to do. And you're correct that this kind of behavior would get him banned very quickly. I truly don't understand why he's still allowed to post here.
  20. As much as you lurk there, I'm sure you already know that he posts there.
  21. Low IQ, as in a Georgia Tech grad who single handedly wrote a custom migration program for The Hwy when we were stuck with software that the creators abandoned with no notice? Please tell us about your intellectual accomplishments again.
  22. A stocking full of coal, you silly boy.
  23. Yes, I did report two of your posts. Why? Because a mod has told me multiple times to not respond in kind, and instead to report it and let them handle it. I am trying to abide by the rules here, though it isn't easy. I see that they removed them, I have no idea what other actions they took but if you were on one of my forums you would have gotten a time out. Your posts that I reported were simply unnecessarily ugly, and they only detract from the possibility of having an intelligent discussion. Either I report them and let the mods (hopefully) deal with them, or I'm going to return fire. When I have done that in the past, you have gotten all butthurt and took to private message to threaten me and make inappropriate statements about my wife. And that kind of cowardly stuff continues, it will eventually get you more than what you bargained for. So which would you rather me do? Regarding your claim that I have a "cult like admiration for Trump"; as I have stated many times, you are of the mindset that anyone who doesn't have a seething hatred for the man must be in love with him. That belief is as narrow as your intellect is.
  24. And the rich have nothing to do with this. They already pay the huge majority of the taxes in this country. Squeeze them even more and we'll see jobs lost and the economy slowing down, which will hurt far worse, and it'll be the poor and middle class who feel the brunt of it. Excessive spending on stupid crap and horrible healthcare legislation has everything to do with it. As cptlo correctly stated, spending is why we can't balance our budget.
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