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  1. I'm getting a message that my posts will have to be approved by a moderator. If that's the case, I'm done posting here. I guess Cain and pubby will dominate your board again. It's yours to destroy. Again.
  2. How much did I mention them in this thread? But I will say, Biden and Pelsoi are still in their office, so their policies are fair game. Making personal attacks on them like you and pubby do Trump is a different matter.
  3. Question for pubby and Cain How many months or years will it be before the hating on Trump stops? Are we going to be spewing hatred for the man in 2031?
  4. Cain - as usual, your insults are of poor taste, and they reveal what you really are. Luckily for you, I have no authority on this site, so it's between you and Caped. I am an administrator on two other forums, so I have my hands full with them and my companies, and am not interested in taking on more responsibilities. I'm trying to downsize. You got banned from The Hwy because you clearly stated you were there to see how quickly you could piss people off and get banned. So after the moderators met and discussed, we granted your wish. Well, I'm not like that, I don't exist to cause
  5. Really? He's kinda changed his tune, guess he didn't have a plan after all. Most of his COVID policies so far are same as Trump's. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-nothing-we-can-do-to-change-coronavirus-pandemic-trajectory-in-coming-months
  6. No, they haven't all been proven unfounded. In most cases, judges just weren't willing to take the cases on. And a lot of people are asking why. The fact that the General Assembly and Raffy's office is scrambling to pass legislation to fix all sorts of problems with the election procedure speaks volumes. You're happy because your guy won, I get that. But a sleeping giant might have been awaken, so we'll see what the future holds. Now, about those cages they put kids in....wanna talk about those?
  7. What about the Democrats doing the same? Are they also wrong? https://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/18/hillary-clinton-trump-challenge-2016-election-legitimacy-242848 https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/hillary-clinton-says-biden-should-not-concede-2020-election-under-n1238156
  8. You do realize that Obama did the same? And his administration built the cages. Immigration was just using the same policy that was in place from the prior administration. But it's only outrageous when Trump does it, I guess. And he did change the policy after it became an issue. Back to the elections...it's pretty widely accepted that Raffy did not have the authority to use mail-in voting, the general assembly is who should have taken it up. Then there was the box of ballets in Fulton County that appears after everyone was sent home due to a water main burst that didn't hap
  9. I didn't say 7 million voted illegally, I was referring to Georgia. Try to keep up. In the mean time, I hope none of you are diabetic https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-trump-hhs-rule-lower-insulin-prices?fbclid=IwAR1n213qphgVjgnHFPfibNxq5YcH88UOFfSZlI0Ph3lTS_QcsMFIMesgsvY This guy has done more idiotic stuff in four days than probably any president in history.
  10. Simple...I said early on that some Republicans are dirty too. If you care to open your eyes and do some real digging, you'll see that there was gobs of rotten stuff went on here. A former member of this forum whom you will all probably remember, his mother died two years ago. But, she voted in this election. Hmmmm If the laws were being enforced, Stacy Abrams would be in jail. Gobs of rotten stuff going on here for anyone who really wants to see it.
  11. Speaking of mail-in voting....many prominent Democrats vocally opposed it until they realized it could be an advantage in this election. Even Amazon has decided it's a bad thing. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2021/01/23/amazon-fights-against-mail-in-voting-in-union-decision-to-preserve-vote-fidelity/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR1m39c6ZrFg3TayOBVljMcrPi4JY-3AVoN_us20gHJ9zCOfo5ZfzoHmZkw
  12. I'm not a fan of Alex Jones, just so you know. "Walk down to the Capital". Oooooooh, yeah that's really scary!! Walking causes to much damage, costs so many lives. LOL! Seriously, man, only someone who hates the guy could find malicious intent in walking. What Trump was saying to Raffy was that he has taken a political risk by allowing this farce to go unchecked in Georgia. The election here was a mess, a huge mess! Mail-in voting should have never happened, it opened the door for fraud and ballot harvesting. And even though ballot harvesting is illegal in Georgia, it happened
  13. Ah, here come the insults. No, Cain, just a free thinker. I mentioned previous presidents Your "question" implies Trump actually did all that. He did nothing wrong. He did not "whip anyone into a frenzy and ask them to march on the halls of congress."Just more lies and ridiculousness from the Democrats who have done much worse. He did not threaten Raffy to find more votes, he asked him to dig deeper, which he should have. And As for the Ukraine, he was actually well within his right as president to do that given that Biden's son was involved in
  14. Cain posted that pic, not me. No, Caped, Cain and pubby are coming from a very different angle than I am. They hate Trump, and most all Republicans for that matter. All while believing the Democrats are their savior. I don't hate anyone, and I don't like either party. Honestly, I don't even like Trump, but he did the job, and most of what he said he'd do. Most importantly, he put America first, while the swamp will gladly throw America under the buss for their own profit and power. And that is exactly what Biden has done since he stepping to the Oval Office. Anyhoo...given who's
  15. Not as loyal as you want to think. There is plenty I don't like about the man, I didn't vote for him in the primary four years ago. But the fact is, Trump was the only candidate we had that was not part of the corruption. Biden is a major part of the corruption, he is bought and paid for by forces who do not have America in their best interest. As I stated above; this election put the corruption back in power and foreign influence back in the driver's seat. What lies and who died for them? He did not incite the run on the Capital. All the gripe about how he handled COVID is
  16. So what does "fight" mean? Certainly, it can mean physical combat, but there are other definitions. Let's turn to good ole Webster for help: 2 : to put forth a determined effort (1) : to attempt to prevent the success or effectiveness of the company fought the takeover attempt (2) : to oppose the passage or development of fight a bill in Congress 3 : to struggle to endure or surmount fight a cold is fighting cancer 2 : a struggle for a goal or an objective a fight for justice Hmmmm, nothing about phys
  17. OK, day of. Even better, there was simply not enough time to organize that in mere hours. NOTHING Trump said advocated violence or breaking the law. Nothing! Even with his diarrhea of the mouth, Trump has NEVER advocated violence in his speeches. Again, just Democrats shamelessly lying for political gain. And clearly, their disciples believe any and everything Pelosi and her bunch says.
  18. OK, let's talk some facts. We now know (see article below) that the run on the capital building was planned well ahead of time. The Capital Police got wind of it and released a memo warning of it about a week before it happened. It seems that BLM knew about it too, being that they had one of their people there to film it. The speech Trump made the day before it happened had nothing to do with it. This is just more of the Democrats making up lies to smear the man. You know...like the whole Russiagate farce that we beat to death for four years and spent millions of taxpayer d
  19. I was mainly referring to the federal government in my posts above, and I thought that was obvious. Georgia has corruption problems of our own, and I am not letting the Republicans off the hook. I've been telling you guys forever that I have not been a loyal Republican since midway of Dubya's terms. I usually vote Republican as lessors of evil, but I have no love for them. Years ago I did, I was quite active and came very close to running for office. I even had the backing of a very powerful group. But I had a fledgling business and a wife and child at home to support, so I chose not to.
  20. You don't have to wear a tin foil hat to know that our government is corrupt. As I have said many times, it's not just the Democrats, much of the GOP is involved it it as well. It runs throughout our intel and justice systems, and much of the media is on the take. At least I'm big enough to state that it's both parties, instead of continuing to worship one party like some here do. We should also realize that state-ran media (PBS) will not unbiased or trustworthy when they are funded by a corrupt government. So, so much for the article above. This election, whether it was stolen
  21. A small handful of weirdos, Cain. Not the typical Trump supporter, and not the Republican Party. There are nut cases in every group. The things I cited above are being done by members of the Democratic Party and their powerful allies. They need to walk the talk if anyone is to believe them. So far, it feels like they want to start a war. If hey want to make peace, they must do more than just talk it. A good start would be to cease their attacks on Trump and his supporters.
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