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  1. Gentlemen, you need to realize that (as per my understanding) the mother of all bashers still owns part of this site , and still has admin access. Respectfully, you need to look inward first. Until you deal with that, you're likely beating a dead horse.
  2. Cases of COVID being on the rise in Georgia is a myth. We had one small spike, coincidentally starting just after the rioting, and we've been back below the magic line for a month now. Even with the increased testing. Here is the real story. https://rt.live/us/GA Remember that it's an election year, folks. The current level of propaganda is bad.
  3. I don't think we know the reasons yet, but certainly need to find out. It could simply be that something unique to black people's genetic make-up makes then more susceptible. We already know that people with blood type A are more susceptible, while people with blood type O are less so. The vast majority of deaths from COVID-19 were people in their 70s and older with health issues. For whatever reason, it doesn't bother smokers as much. We still have lots to learn about this demon. Regarding reopening the state...we need to, and as quickly as is safe. In my opinion, we could reopen even
  4. Sorry, I shouldn't have eaten that.
  5. You used to have a trailer. :) This is what the OP said
  6. In full disclosure...many years ago when my business was young, I was living in a west Cobb subdivision and working out of my home. I was starting an installation division in my company, and I bought a box truck so I could carry the materials and equipment needed for that type of work. I parked the box truck on the end of my house every night, and eventually poured concrete to extend my driveway to handle it. A neighbor in the back of the subdivision started to complain about my truck. He first came down to announce to me that he disapproved of my truck and didn't want it there, and
  7. But can you pee for distance? Don't answer that. Haha
  8. Honestly, I don't care. I've never been one to care about "class", how much money someone has or makes, how fancy their home is, what kind of car they drive, etc. It's all superficial. What truly defines a man is what is in his heart. I know and associate with some very poor people and also some very wealthy people. I love them for who they are, not their bank balance. But your post has keywords like "very nice neighborhood", low rent, renter, etc. So that kind of gave me the snootiness feeling. Many FedEx drivers are independent owner/operators, so the guy might own his truck. The
  9. Not as often as you might think. Being a FedEx truck, I'm sure it moves almost every day, so not a permanent fixture. Personally, I'd be happy that my neighbors are responsible and hard working people. The OP's post had an air of snootiness in it, or at least that's how I read it. I don't see that the truck is bothering him.
  10. Sorry to sound like this, but why don't you mind your own business? The guy is trying to make an honest living and it isn't hurting you, so give him a break.
  11. OK, the new management has fixed it. My thanks to them.
  12. I think we all know who did it. Hopefully, some of the more level headed site management will correct it now that it's been brought to light.
  13. DJT clique? Philandering? Do you want an intelligent discussion on this issue, or were you just taking advantage of an opportunity to insult people and once again attack the president on a personal level? Some things never change. P.S. - You should try asking people what their opinions are. You might actually inspire some good discussion.
  14. I truly believe you mean well, but I have to ask some questions: Are we to actually believe that the founder of this forum who is still an owner with admin access will go to time out? Respectfully, sir, I doubt it. As long as he posts his hatred here and slanders members and posts his ad hominem attacks on us, it will be extremely difficult to have civil discussion. Many of us want to, but the hate in his heart makes him incapable of playing nice. You have decisions to make, my friend, if you are to protect your investment.
  15. Well, you just typed a whole lot of words with virtually no value, just petty insults. Not to mention a lot of envy. What business is it of yours what he does with his money? I didn't mention conservatism above, and as usual, you made plenty of ad hominem attacks. II could respect you a lot more if you would discuss actual issues and maybe asking me what my position is on certain topics instead of just ASSuming what I believe and attacking me on it. This kind of crap from you is EXACTLY what killed your site and a lot of the reason why no one wants to post here now...because you
  16. I believe in the Constitution, and it does not claim healthcare or many other things that candidates are pushing are rights. I also believe that the federal government has grown WAAAAAAY beyond the scope of their constitutional authority, and I can trace almost every problem we face back to this happening. P.S. You really need to do something about your hatred for our president. It's not healthy.
  17. I don't believe in imposing quotas on forum members. I am active in local politics, but under the radar. There's been too much dirty retribution from elected officials. Not to mention a certain 527 group owned by someone who has access to my information here who mails out dirty fliers.
  18. Local is extremely important, no doubt about it. But so is national politics. Especially when the federal government has expanded far beyond it's constitutional scope and is taking away LOCAL rights and meddling in our business. If the trend continues, we LOCAL people won't have much say as to what happens here because everything will be decided on a Socialist national level.
  19. I'm glad you can still dream, pubby. No one likes Bloomberg exept the party bosses, he's a joke. He'll only get the nomination because the DNC knows how dumb their voters are and will override them with the superdelagates. That is how little the party bosses think of the rank and file Democratic voter. That's all you will have in the next election. Your party will get an epic beating because real Americans are tired of the lies and corruption from the Democratic Party.
  20. Nope. Even i he did what they say, it was well within the authority of the President of the United States. The Democrats have made up a fairy tail and their allies in the corrupt media is supporting them. What the Dems are trying to do is to overturn an election. That, is treason, and the Dems are guilty of it. Shame on them!! They will pay a heavy price in the next election.
  21. I didn't think it possible for the Dems to look like bigger fools than they already have, but they are doing just that. The beating they will get in the election will be epic.
  22. cptlo's house after he eats Mexican food.
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