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  1. Yeah, he's got it bad! Looking up my pics, checking out my physical attributes. I bet he creeps over at Communist Mingle.com.
  2. First off, why the continued need to insult me? Do you get off on it or something? Is your life that empty? And why are you so worried about how much time I have? What business is it of yours? You must not know much about Facebook. I have my security settings to where most of my content can only be seen by my friends, so all you can probably see is my profile pic which is usually me AND my wife (most people have a pic of themselves as a profile pic so they can be recognized), my cover pic which is my grandkids, and maybe like five featured photos, which are various pics. So same as with the BS private message you sent me the other day, you're lying.
  3. You mean that "rag I moderate" that is many times more active than this site? The one where good people hang out and have fun? Is that the one? Does it not stand to reason that if I was the problem, the forums (3 of them) that I moderate would be as dead as this one? One has over one million members with several thousand active at any given time. I go for days at a time without posting here, and it's dead with or without me. The cause if people like you, pubby, and a couple of others who constantly spew hate and negativity. Healthy and happy people get tired of that, and don't want it in their lives. And they get tired of the constant personal attacks, like the ones you have launched in your replies to me. Even pubby goes 2-3 days at a time without posting on his own site. Now that speaks volumes! Pretty much the ONLY activity left here is nothing but ugly conflict. This used to be a fun site with lots of positive content. Now it's nothing but a venue for a handful of individuals with their radical and hate-filled politics. Even many of the liberals who used to post here cannot stand the nastiness that has taken over the forum. I'm friends with several of them on Facebook, and they have been clear as to why they left. You're third on the list behind pubby and The Postman. Look in the mirror, home boy; and you'll see the problem with P'Com.
  4. I figured pubby's attack dog would respond. You're so ridiculous! I've never said I was a "business tycoon", just a businessman who owns a few companies. Some are very small, others larger. I just do what is needed to make a comfortable living. I'm not sure why that bothers you, perhaps more of the envy politics that the Democratic Party has instilled among their faithful. And oh the irony that you claim I make offensive insults, and then you follow with the bolded text above. You and pubby are the most toxic people on this site. Back to pubby...virtually every post he makes is filled with ad hominem attacks and false claims. It gets very old, and frankly it's a chicken sh!t way of debating because it demonstrates that the person using ad hominems has little or no substance to support their argument. Since you obviously don't know what an ad hominem in, here is the definition. No charge for the education.
  5. pubby If you want to know what my positions are or who I follow, please ask me instead of jumping to a bunch of conclusions. Regarding trade and economics; it's laughable that someone with your failed business record should lecture others who have done well in that respect. Frankly, you have no idea what you're talking about, you're only regurgitating talking points from your party. I realize that your dying forum needed activity, given that you had no new posts in 24 hours prior to you posting last night, but launching into ad hominem attacks on other members only adds to the ugliness that has brought this hate-filled forum down.
  6. I'm starting to think Democrats are worse than illegals.
  7. But then what you you do all day long? Who would you hate?
  8. The Bible says don't be a drunkard, but doesn't say you can't drink. Wine was part of most meals back in Biblical times because they had no refrigeration, so juice was fermented as a means of keeping it from spoiling. So most drank alcohol in Bible times. The Bible simply warns of drinking it in quantities where the alcohol could impede your judgement and make you susceptible to temptation. I am a Baptist, but sometimes the Baptists get a bit fanatical about it or confuse scripture with man's law. But we aren't all like that. OK, that was funny!
  9. Only 7% of Americans say illegal immigration is not a problem. Guess we know where pubby and Cain fall. Right with Pelosi and Chuckie. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/jan/5/only-7-percent-of-americans-say-illegal-immigratio/
  10. Seriously...would you stop with the ad hominems? IF you don't, I'll end every one of my replies to you with. "being that you have your nose so far up the donkey's butt you can smell what he had for breakfast". All it does is show how week your argument is. Point being....you keep blaming the shutdown on Trump, when it's congress to blame. They haven't even tried to see if he's bluffing by sending him a bill without the wall in it. Besides... the shutdown is not nearly as big a deal as you guys make it. Life goes on. Personally, I think parts of it should stay shut down.
  11. You mean the mythical Russian involvement and criminal behavior that has yet to be supported with any evidence even after two years of investigations costing millions of dollars? It seems you believe in the old strategy of telling a lite over and over until people believe it. No crises on the border? Tell that to the border patrol that is overwhelmed and regularly attacked by illegals. Tell that to the states who are shelling out billions in benefits to illegals. Tell that the the people who have lost a family member to the hands of illegals. What galaxy do you live in? You mean the shut down that has occurred because Congress has not sent the President a budget bill to sign? I'll ask you the same question I asked Cain: How, exactly, is Trump supposed to sign a bill into law that has never hit his desk? I'll wait for your answer. Oh and, we're getting our tax refunds, so you can stop playing that fear tactic.
  12. None of which is relevant to this discussion. Despite your usual (and childish) insults above, I'm still waiting for you to explain to me how a president can magically sign a bill that doesn't get to him. Come on, Cain, let's hear you explain this one. P'Com Land is waiting...
  13. Tax refunds to go out despite government shutdown https://www.npr.org/2019/01/07/683006291/despite-70-000-furloughed-irs-workers-white-house-vows-refunds-will-be-issued When is Senator Shumer going to vote for it? When is Pelosi going to send one? It takes both the House and Senate to approve a bill, ya know. Now please tell me again how the bad Mr. Trump caused the shutdown.
  14. I ask again...has congress sent Trump a budget bill to sign? He can't sign what he doesn't have.
  15. Regarding your last paragraph, I will never understand why you feel it necessary to throw an ad hominem attack into almost every reply you make. Perhaps because your argument is so week? If you were as smart as you think you are, or if you even paid attention; you'd know that I'm neither a Trump supporter nor a Trump hater. But to you and your merry men, anyone who doesn't hate the man's utter guys must be a Trump supporter. How sad that you feel the need to think that way! But thanks for making my point that you can't blame this shutdown on Trump, when he hasn't been given a budget bill to sign. The president does not have the authority to fund the government alone, he can only either sign or veto a bill sent to him by congress. These pesky facts, they just shot down your blaming Trump for this matter. BTW...even though the GOP had control of congress prior to Jan 1, they did not have the votes to pass the budget because of all the Democrats and liberal Republicans who opposed things like wall funding. And now the Dems have control of the house, and they are intentionally fighting this. So sorry, pubster, but the shutdown lies at the feet of the Democrats. And it's 100% political.
  16. pubby Has Congress put a 2019 budget on the President's desk yet?
  17. Just making sure you knew that messing with my family will not be tolerated. I'm probably one of the nicest, most easy going guys you'd ever meet; but mess with my family and I turn into Rambo real quick.
  18. Paranoid schizophrenia would be my guess. That's why them always calling us "Trump lovers" just because we don't share their hate for him is so stupid. To them, it's either hate the guy or love the guy; there's no middle ground. My intellect and sense of fairness is better than that.
  19. Some of you will be surprised to learn that cptlo was an adamant Never Trumper. I was too, up until the general election, and then pragmatism won out because I knew that either Hillary or Trump was going to win, and Hillary would have been an epic disaster that would make Trump look like an angel. The difference between people like us (cat dude and myself) and some of you here is that er judge Trump issue by issue, and fairly at that. He's done many good things, and some not so good. The tariffs are still looking iffy, he's made some poor staffing choices, he can't seem to shut up, etc. On the plus side, he's done some very good things. Tax cuts, SCOTUS picks, regulation rollback, his stance on illegal immigration, tough on national security, etc. Many of you here have such a partisan hatred for t he guy that you can't possibly be fair in your judgement of him. In your eyes, he is the debil and does every single thing wrong. Well, that's just not true. That's why I so often say we should all walk away from the partisan crap and make our own decisions.
  20. Guard dad

    RIP Elisabeth

    I remember you mentioning that she was very ill. My sincere condolences for your loss.
  21. No, pubby. Unlike the faithful followers of the donkey butt, we conservatives see that Trumps lies, while bad, are no worse than than those of the Democrat's. That's the difference between you and me; I see rottenness on both sides, where you only see it from Republicans because you worship your Democratic Party.
  22. We don't mind people who disagree, we just don't like people who admit to coming there just to stir up crap and get banned. I simply fulfilled your wish. Be careful what you ask for. Back to the topic...I made some valid points that are supported by facts. Anyone care to debate it?
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