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  1. Here too...I'm off graham near the Dallas McDonald's.... :/
  2. Going to see her and Blake Shelton on Sept 3rd
  3. Hubby put together a princess scooter for our 4 yr old.
  4. I take my daughter to Snip its over in Douglasville. My daughter loves it there, and the staff are great with kids.
  5. My daughter has been potty trained since she was 3. She stopped wetting the bed about 6 months ago when she turned 4. Every once in a while she will have a accident.
  6. Hmm I was wondering the same thing. Last year we went to Rodney's and did the breakfast with santa. I wonder if they are going to be doing it again this year.
  7. Ours has been less then a $100 the past 2-3 months...this month it was like $85. I dont know why its so much less then last years bill, but Im not complaining.
  8. My daughter just got the mist today at her peds office. They gave us the choice of the shot or the mist.
  9. What exactly is going to be going on? Also do the kids have to wear their costumes?
  10. My daughters first field trip with her Pre-k is Carlton Farms. Looks like its going to be a fun field trip.
  11. My husbands parents live in Logan Creek. The problem is up near the daycare and Heritage Club from what my inlaws say. They also said there is a hole big enough to swallow a car. I went to my inlaws house today with no problems. Just went the long way around.
  12. My hubby works for Douglas County He has been up all night and is beat...but has another 24 hrs to go before he can come home. He loves being a firemedic
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