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  1. We will see wage compression like you would never believe. That is just what the liberals want. Everyone is equal, whether they really are or not is irrelevant. Everyone earns the same wage regardless of skill, education or even job risk. That means a race to the bottom. Everyone will want the easiest no brained no risk job out there. Who in their right mind would want to be an LEO risking their life both real and financial when it pays the same as a retail sales associate who just pits stuff on the shelf, answers questions and assists shoppers while in an air conditioned store. And for the
  2. Haven't a clue... I have been nonstop grass cutting and I do not know what you are talking about and I have not had a chance to sit down with either of them for longer than about 20 min. I do know my dad wants me to edge his driveway for him.
  3. Looking to go ride today anyone know any good rides?
  4. I ain't buying that wives tale ladies. That being nothing is a bigger turn on for her than a husband who cleans, cooks, does the laundry and takes care of the kids. Hah!! At this point she just comes home, props her feet up and whips out the laptop then asks what's for dinner. Still nada. And for the record I still work 3 jobs. Not a bash on women so much as to say I seriously doubt any female aphrodisiac truly exists.
  5. Your last paragraph is exactly what burned both my dad and Father in law, both UAW plant workers, to the core. That and the cheese for brains foreman they had over them are the reasons neither really support unions anymore.
  6. In many cases the union is the defacto employer. You want to work at a union job with company A, then you must join the union. Whatever laws apply towards the company should also apply towards the union. If the union allows illegals in then that would mean the company could not use their union shop employees without getting in trouble. So as the employer that has a union contract, it would seem to me to. E an affirmative defense for them to just say the union sent me an illegal, how was I to know they were breaking the law. Unions can't have it both ways. As to unions in general, I think th
  7. Mine went up over 20% as well. If I could get what they value my house ay, I would probably sell.
  8. All sorts of folks going into this Paulding county tunnel entrance.
  9. Regardless, camera or no he would likely be in the same situation. I have no propblem with citizens filming, FROM A DISTANCE, Not getting right up in the immediate area. The citizens also need to let the cops do their job and not interfere nor jeopardise the officer's safety. I am a huge fan of body cameras. I can't wait for them to become mandatory and things will turn out just like when dash cams came out. For the most part the bad guys are be the losers here. I also can't wait for all the folks to start complaining about the invasion of their privacy every time a LEO comes into their home f
  10. Hmmm... let's see. Cop does evil bad thing. Cop looses job. Cop charged with murder. Seems reasonable. So what is it you hope to get out of this topic. A whole bunch of folks defending him? I think there will be justice for the victims family. Most folks can see that even if you support law enforcement, this guy messed up and will pay for his mistake.
  11. Just wanted to ad my 2 cents worth on the school argument. The local school system, good or bad is reflected in your homes price / value. Bad / no schools low value. Good schools higher value. So for the sake of argument we let you buy your new home and pay no school taxes. Great right? ! Here is the catch, from now on that home will not be allowed access to the school system since you opted out. Good luck selling tjat house let alone selling it for a decent price. Most people buy a home with the thought that their children will go to school there. Seniors are already excluded from this to so
  12. You need plants that are shade to part sun tolerant. You want to "stage" your planting. Depending on size, one or two focal points. Plant larger shrubs to the rear and shorter in the front. Ground cover is acceptable as well. Planning ahead is key for perennials. Try to get some from a staggered bloom date so you can have season long variation and blossoms. Remember to allow for growth as you space and plant. A good base of mulch will go a long way to retaining moisture and blocking weeds. Since this is near a home use Cypress or hardwood mulch at the least. Cypress is a natural bug repellant
  13. You should have seen some of our older firetrucksn Man they could "dust" someone. The new ones are much better.
  14. Yes you did. Now it is Cocomare's turn. She probably thought I fell off the Earth.
  15. If memory serves the "island annexation law" was passed in the mid 90s. Smyrna had a big hoopla over it when they tried to annex parts of Cobb and the citizens sued. The law says that any parcel that was totally bounded by a city on / by a given date could be annexed without owners consent. For Smyrna they failed that test, were advised of it. They did it anyway got sued and lost. Then they had to give the area back to the county. That may or may not help explain what happened to you.
  16. I just wanted to pop in and tell ya'll that I am still alive and kicking and following Pcom but only to a small degree. I know... Some of you wish I wasn't but I am. I have been very busy this summer. I hope you guys are doing well and we can catch up on the latest when I slow down a bit. Until then... best wishes to all my Pcom family and friends. Dis
  17. Years ago while working at st. #7 Hurt / Hicks rd. We got sent to a child search. These are mostly resolved very quickly with the child being found asleep in a closet or some such. This time we got on scene and granny metb is out front. It eas a mild / cool day. She said she could not find her 2 year old grandson. And gave us a description. My Lt. Looked over at the car and asked if that was her grandson. He was standing in the front seat looking out the window locked in the car. Granny passed out and hit the ground. Bothers were fine but it was a funny call.
  18. CC so you are all over Hobby Lobby just for their unwillingness to provide 4 of the 20 different Birth Control forms but I still have not heard you call out the Unions and all the other employers specifically exempted from providing any HealthCare ( which ironically enough includes thise same 4 PKUS the other 16 AND ALL HEALTHCARE IN GENERAL ) by the President. So where again is your outrage over THAT? Oh you probably just didn't realize that did you.
  19. I heard of a recent study which showed a link between menopause and life expectancy. It implied that the later in life a woman enters menopause, the longer she os genetically predisposed to live. Basically her body is genetically geared to age slower or something to that affect.
  20. Los Manos ariba de Los manos ariba de auto D onde esta sure licensio D onde esta su Casa Yo tango Delore? Como te llama Un servesa por favor D onde esta else bano? I have a few more but covers the basics
  21. I would not have thought they would have to catch the theft on camera to make an insurance claim. That is weird.
  22. Soo Visage really is not covered under Rx plans for insurance or is this just those that ONLY MEET Obamacare standards. Or is it specifically exempted by Obamacare? Was it covered before. Dang... I simply know nothing.... oh about Viagra. Is that a good thing or bad. BTW I never heard aboutwhether or not my condoms are covered under BC since I as a male must now pay for that coverage and that is the only form of nonsterilized BC for a male that I know of, discounting abstinence of course. I would like to hear from the folks that wholely expect insurance to cover all female contraceptives
  23. I say ban Viagra coverage. It would shut a lot of folks up, Not speaking of you specifically, And I do not see why it is up to insurance to provide this or birth control. Now of course I will get all the folks saying it should cover BC but not Viagra, Not to mention I am still trying to figure out why now that men are covered for BC as well, Why are condoms not covered?
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