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  1. DAISY wait till I tell Bo and Luke that you are after Mt Airy Cop again they have warned you about that he is suppose to chase you, not you chase him you been hanging around those bradley sisters to much
  2. Careful citizens of Mayberry we have had some reports of pot holes ahead
  3. AuntBea what are we going to do with that boy?
  4. Come on now, Rafe. We all know how much you enjoy the Vaudeville. Your follies are more fun when we tease you.
  5. Oh Rafe. I just love it when you take charge and put on a show for us.
  6. Magic Bake Oven. 10 Speed bike.
  7. I am from Maple Street, Mayberry, USA.
  8. Barney is, er, uh, hmmm, preoccupied right this minute.
  9. My opinion is the jail is going to be full before I learn all these new things on here.
  10. Charlies Corner Cafe up there on the square in Dallas has a yummy breakfast.
  11. Let's be careful out there, folks.
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