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  1. I just talked to some local business owners i know and it saddened me. I frequent many businesses around town and a couple i have been able to speak to the owners. I have heard all about how we are comming out of the resession but my friends in the food business haven't felt the upswing. Some i know are on the edge of having to close the doors. I don't want to call anyone out that doesn't want the world to know they are hurting because that might scare off even more business. If you are reading this share a story about a local business non franchise that you love...Maybe you'll inspire someone to go out and give them a try.... Here Is some of my faves Old Mill in Historic acworth - I am a big fan of their crabhouse salad...and love the crab cakes! Plus its a charming atmosphere Old Mill Vito's Cafe - I just tried their new Burgers...its a mix of sausage and angus beef AMAZING and I was already a regular for their Vito Pizza and Gelato Ice cream. Ask for Emmy to show you around her gift shop that features local crafters and artists. Vito's Cafe Rodneys - Finger lickin good BBQ and Rodney is a great guy.. Rodneys Local places like these are what make our local community special.... PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORIES of the places u love in town and next time your looking for a meal eat something that tastes like home. not thawed out or opened up out of a package
  2. JUST had the Mikey... YUMMMM Couldn't help eating a burger with my name on it Didn't have a camera though... maybe next time
  3. I like... Very cool clothes. I am totally feeling the second SEE shirt. If i didn't read the description i would of totally missed the eye in the middle. Very cool. Do you have any Larges left? Also do you have any of the "in god we trust" decals? That would look sweet on the back window of my car.
  4. GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES!!!!!! I'll take a stab at it for 10 bucks....Have many people entered? How are my odds?
  5. Oh great! Don't tell my wife or kids.....lol
  6. I have a great home theater so i usually wait for DVD unless it is in 3D love 3D and Imax. It is expensive but if you plan ahead you can save on the food costs.. also matinees are sometimes cheaper and if you have kids they get the student discount. Plus rewards programs are offered at many theaters... Plus movie passes are great gifts something to think about for b-days coming up... Especially if they are complaining on here about prices...lol
  7. My Girlfriend loves this stuff.... I didn't realize Vito's had exclusive scents i will have to check them out!
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