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  1. We are having a bar b que thurs and fri 1-13 and 1-14 and I need a load of hickory to smoke the meat. Where is the best and cheapest place to get it.
  2. I can't help but wonder if we evolved from apes, why do we still have them?
  3. Mountain of Faith Fellowship, we run 30 -40 people sunday morning. We are new and still building we are at 294 W/I Pkwy across from ingles at the back right corner of sav a ton. church number 678-363-7470 Good luck on finding what you are looking for
  4. I don't think those words do it justice. While we was setting there she wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed me and kissed me and said I love you daddy and I was puddy in her hands. And she knows it
  5. How is it a little boy is raised to be a man, gets married has 4 boys of his own to raise to be men then has a little girl and is now become a specimen to be washed and dressed up and perfumed and made up and melts in the hands of a two year old I have four boys(all boy) and a little girl, she has had me sitting at this desk for the last our washing and combing my head, I shave my head, and she has doctoring me and playing with me like a doll and I love every minute of it. Ihave always been amazed how something as big as me can get so wrapped around those little fingers. I don't think I am going to let them grow up, I will keep them like they are
  6. The house is total electric, I have my own propane tank I am going to hook up for the water heater because I don't like electric water heater, when the power goes off I have to take a cold shower.
  7. Thanks for all the input, we will have a wood burning stove to reduce the heating cost either way we go. I have gotten a couple of estimates, one from pinnacle and two from others. They have all recommend heat pumps, I just have never had any experience with them and had heard when it gets cold your bill sky rockets
  8. Which do you prefer and why - I am going to have replace the whole heat and ac unit and I am unsure of a heat pump. Are they better or worse
  9. Whew, glad that is over. This mister mom thing and 5 kids will almost drive a body crazy, my hat is off to all the moms out there and to the ladies who participated. You have no idea of the lengths this will go to help the hungry. Thank You to everyone that worked and showed up
  10. Hey, this is going to be a great ministry. Can you get me your contact information or give it to Charlies Angels Saturday so we can pass it on to the people at the food pantry. There is alot of them that live in that direction that don't have access to a computer Thanks Charlie
  11. We are there on monday and thursday from 10:00am -noon and friday from 6:30pm-8:00pm and usually all day on sunday for church. We are there off and on all week but those are the times that we are sure to be there. Thanks for the donations and glad everyone had fun
  12. Mountain of Faith will have a ladies day of leisure on Nov 6 from 9 -3 where alot of different vendors with crafts, avon, home int etc for sale
  13. There is still 1 hour and 20 minutes left, don't miss out and beet the crowds, they are even giving a cd with the pictures on it for $2.50. We have had a pretty good turn out but it has slowed down so come on out and you will not have to wait except to print the pictures
  14. I hope everyone can come out to the Lighthouse Food Pantry to get their picture taken with Santa Steven. He has volunteered his time and the photographers have volunteered their time to help raise food for us. We will be here from noon til 4:00 so come beat the crowds and get your pictures, for the young and young at heart and even the older folks too. if you need directions 678-363-7470
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