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  1. I know of 5 houses in my neighborhood that have been hit within the past week!
  2. Yes, I am in Downtown Dallas and we have power!
  3. Dr Parks is WONDERFUL!! I am a 35 year old woman who had to have my tonsils out last week, and he did the surgery. I can't say enough good things about him, and his practice!!
  4. Does anyone know what is going on in Dallas. There are 7-8 police cars in the Dallas Tire parking lot, and a couple more at Elrods. Looks like they are looking for someone in the woods. We live close, and don't want the kids playing outside if someone is running!!
  5. We are in Downtown Dallas off of Polk Ave,there have been sirens all around, and a helicopter flying above shining it's spot light. Still not sure what is going on?!?!?!
  6. The YMCA Child Development Academy in Hiram is WONDERFUL!!!
  7. I switched to Ashlyn's a few months back, and love them!!
  8. We came by there the other day to see about getting some Braves shirts, but we saw the sign that you were going out of business, and the place looked closed. Now I'm really bummed we did not come to the door to see if you were actually open!! When is the official closing date?? I would like to come look around before it's actually closed. Loved the Wearhouse!!
  9. OMG!! I am in shock...I have known Jenna for almost 6 years, but have not had any contact with her in the past 2 years! Praying for her children!
  10. We had dinner from there last night, and it was DELICIOUS!! LOVED the fried dill pickle spears!! I will be spreading the word about you guys!!
  11. There were 2 different people in front of me at Kmart getting things off layaway yesterday, and both had been paid by the Layaway Angel's!!
  12. I think Jamie whs eveyone's boyfriend in elementary school...we were boyfriend/girlfriend in 5th grade. Jamie will be missed...sending up prayers for his family, and his kids!!
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