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  1. Watched it but it was hard to follow and keep up with the # of days earlier. I'll try again next week.
  2. The thing I couldn't figure out is why they didn't mimic the costume as well. They would have been more covered up and I don't think there would of been such an uproar. My daughter takes dance classes however their moves are nothing like this but, she's not on a competition troop either. She doesn't do the hip hop classes for this reason. Most competition sports like dance and cheerleading really push the envelope on the inappropriate moves. In my opinion~
  3. Is the Volunteer FireHouse still over close to Seaboard? My ex FIL was a fireman and as I recall the building was just right for the party we attended there. We did a Country Casino night for my hubby with BBQ - everyone had a blast.
  4. ================================================================================================= When moving I found an atari in the attic complete with games. I haven't tried it out to see if it still works or not. But I LOVED the Atari~ Who has seen the stuff INSIDE Stretch Armstrong? My brother and I played tug o war and sure enough he came apart! And my brother's BIG WHEEL had a flat spot on the tire where he would slide by holding the pedals still as if they were the brakes. I can still hear him ride it. Kalump - Kalump - Kalump.
  5. The Duggar Family visited an Ostrich Farm and the farmer gave them a few eggs. They made omelets and just one egg had 7 cups of yolk & whites. Just thought that was interesting. Good Luck with your craft.
  6. Seems like I vaguely remember that - Hoping that the waters reside~ Other than all the rain - How have you guys been doing? I haven't been on in awhile~
  7. I am so sorry for your loss - especially this time of year. I lost my Dad in January so I can only imagine your feelings right now. She'll be watching over you and your family as you try to find your new normal. {{HUGS}}
  8. May God be with you at this difficult time. Your Mom sounds like quite a woman. We all should strive to be more like her.
  9. Prayers sent to the family. This really hits home when it's someone in your age range. I too went to school with him.
  10. LewisK


    Garden Ridge by Six Flags had some super good deals on trees.
  11. I'm so sorry - {{hugs}} to you all.
  12. Prayers to his Family - He was a great Principal -
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