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  1. dang! How about just a street name and I can figure the rest. Just want to make sure...
  2. One Voice Concert "Lifted Up" Saturday, June 1, 2013 at Sanctuary Church on Mars Hill Road (770) 598-9664 or OneVoiceVO@gmail.com Check it out!
  3. My sister just called from Rockmart and said there is a big fire somewhere around Rockmart/Yorkville area. She saw the smoke and wanted to know if anyone knew where or what is going on.
  4. Well, my exhusband is a big neanderthalish...
  5. Please, for the love of Pete, change the "brought" to "bought" if that is what you intended.
  6. Yes there are, and if a "robbing crew" showed up like that and you pulled out a gun on them, you can bet your hind quarters that they'd blow you away, still rob your house, and then anyone else in the house would be shot too. Whether it's the cops, or a scam, I don't think pulling a gun on them is the best way to stay safe. jmo
  7. Well said! I know that like in any profession, there are some cops that might be hot headed or a$$holes, but (most of) the officers are regular, everyday people and just do their (very dangerous) jobs. These men and women are trained, tested, and screened before given a gun. Just because they were "serving a warrant" doesn't mean that there were drugs in the house. It means that they had reason to believe there might be and were going to look for them. Sometimes they find them, sometimes they don't. But they are risking their own lives to serve that warrant and check!
  8. I'm looking all over channel 2 news and can't find it.
  9. Anyone know what happened last night in the Buchanan/Cedartown area? My sister was leaving my mother's house last night, and heading back to Rockmart when she passed about 20 cop cars, including SWAT and what she said looked like a couple of "patty wagons". Her husband turned on the scanner and it was silent. She said a little ways up the road, there were even more cops parked at a church, but it wasn't a funeral or anything like that.
  10. I was going to call in an order at Hai Hai today, but the number published all over the internet and even on their own FaceBook page was incorrect. I had to order from Taki instead
  11. I know that Sapporo in Hiram is closed "for renovation". Does that mean that they are going to reopen? And Hai Hai's number listed all over the web, including their own Facebook page is incorrect. Are they closed too?
  12. Why was the old man in a standoff and arrested if he is the one that called the police on his grandson?
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