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  1. .... it was used as sex toy by the king of prussia, when the original design of the helmet held a plume. don't ask me how i know these things. lol
  2. I would be a giddy school girl for an Aldi out here. I wouldn't have to go to Hiram for anything. I love the taco bell in the bank building. It's so quirky. And though they're probably still trying to be all proactive with customer service, being new, but last night we waiting for a fairly long time in the drive through and the lady working was quick to apologize and gave us freebie coupons to come back with. Most definitely will.
  3. School is closed tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paulding-County-School-District/181210968578755
  4. Is she unhappy when she wakes up? Could it be an ear ache?
  5. Do you have many size 12 or 10 jeans? (good shape enough to wear to work?) thanks!
  6. Here's a list of prices for Patak.Unfortunately I don't see what you're looking for (unless it's listed under a different name.) I go there about once or twice a month. Can't say I've seen that. Good luck! edited to add the home page for patak. They may have more listed on other pages. http://www.patakmeats.com/Welcome.html
  7. *fingers crossed* Hope it all goes well for y'all!!
  8. LOL poor thing looks like it's saying, "oh bother," in an eeyore voice.
  9. That sucks Wish you guys both a speedy recovery. What's the reason they want to take them out? I'm curious, because I've been having throat issues and am too chicken to have it checked out.
  10. aaaand of course my mind went straight to caddyshack.
  11. I'd love to know more information about this place. Specifically where it is and if they allow gokarts. Girls got one for Christmas, I have no land! lol Thanks in advance
  12. Because I'm an author and it's my business to know what's in books, behind books, and the details surrounding them. Romance doesn't equal erotica and erotica doesn't equal porn. If you read romance you should know.
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