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  1. Thank you soooooooo much.. been a long week for us all. Bless you. and THANK YOU!! 0;-Danny just said tell you .THANK YOU:-)
  2. > Bakers bridge Husband trying to get home Does anyone know if this road is open ? Thanks!!
  3. Husband went to our business on Fulton Ind. went 61. It has taken him 2 and 1/2 hours for three days now. He needs to know if 92 is open? anyone know/ I have been stuck here and don't have a clue haven't even had time to watch news really today. Thanks for any info. water,and cables out here
  4. lol!!!! my kids are great kids But Lord help I been out of work for three days and they been home driving me NUTS TODAY iI FEEL YA!!
  5. Give us a sheriff station that has not been covered We will cover them with pizza.
  6. AWESOME IDEA!! We have a station 2 miles from us. Thanks for the thought. and the Sheriff dept can stop in and gab a bite if they have time.;-) Bless you.
  7. I saw some sad situations today. With out mentioning any names Business owners business flooded. One owner has total lost of both locations. People swimming on Morning side drive to their homes so they can get some items out. and a truck go under water. Near Travis T. home I seen a truck go under the water while trying to cross. All these people need our prayers. It was a sad site to see. I have videos and pictures just no time right now to download them will try latter.
  8. Sounds like commen sense to me. There is one in ever crowd!! Keep the good work up and Hope you have many blessings!!
  9. Reminder on last day Amazing Variety will be open to the public. Friday July 31st. Also Danny has ask me to let all the book lovers Know hard backs are $1.00 and P.backs are .50 each! Melinda
  10. Welcome aboard!! Great place to see Just what is going on in Paulding County:-)
  11. Cute purse Karen. Did you come up with a time for Aug 5th?
  12. Hey Scarlet. I need some p. salt. and the spray I have one bottle left here at the store. It moves very fast Hard to keep in stock. As I get request I will come pick it up. Not to be short but Im busy. What are the hours this week in your land?
  13. Not at all LET HIM CLEAN..LOL
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