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  1. its part of the hook up to the tunnel
  2. thug THəɡ/ noun 1. a violent person, especially a criminal. synonyms: ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain, criminal I fail to see where race is mentioned in this definition ...........thugs come in all colors, shapes and sizes.
  3. Tell this person to apply for a pardon. The process can take a year or more, but it can be done. Start a the court of conviction. My ex did this, and he had 2 felony convictions pardoned.
  4. Kroger fuel center is hiring 30+ hours a week, must be 18 yoa, available on weekends. Submit app at Crossroads Kroger.......make sure to put on app for fuel center, then contact Mr Bowman
  5. http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/28831741/driver-jumps-curb-striking-5-people-near-paulding-courthouse
  6. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/18/walmart-food-drive_n_4296618.html Why is it that a company like this cannot pay its employee's enough to afford a Thanksgiving meal? I know they are not the only ones. It saddens my heart to know that greed comes before a person being able to eat. I also know some of you will bash me for this, but its how I feel.
  7. ssnora

    Leash Law

    Get a carry permit and shoot it.
  8. ssnora

    Leash Law

    Hwy 92 and Brownsville Rd
  9. ssnora

    Leash Law

    I agree, but alas, that is illegal. My son protecting himself is legal. I even went to their house to speak to them, and they would not answer the door....but the dang dog is still running around.
  10. ssnora

    Leash Law

    As I understand it, Paulding County does have a leash law. When you allow your dog to roam and he chases my son on his bike and he in turn kicks the dog in order not to be bitten or crash..........don't come crying to me. I know there are responsible dog owners in this county and I commend you. But allowing your dog to terrorize my kid is not acceptable. Animal Control has been called and I hope they pick up your dog, you do not deserve to own it.
  11. ssnora


    Just got my firewood from Mr. Firewood ----Rick. Nice to meet you and thank you. Highly recommend him!
  13. Eat more fresh garlic. Works for keeping mosquito's away also.
  14. This was a most entertaining thread! thanks for the laughs!
  15. Why does this suprise anyone? They write kids up for going to the bathroom and walking to slow.
  16. To the woman who thought she could get my son in trouble for riding a bicycle on the road and thought he shouldn't be....there is a new law that states you have to give a 3 ft. berth to riders. You should pay attention and not think that you personally own the road. I'd be willing to bet that you don't watch out for motorcyclist either. Glad you got the ticket, even though you called the cops on him. Kudos to PCSO for sticking up for my son and giving the obnoxious lady the ticket!
  17. For all you idiots calling someone racist for describing the black males walking down Merchants Drive, learn the meaning of that word Definition for racist: a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others they clearly are not racist, as they did not state their belief in racial superiority. They are describing the person. If they had said 4 white males, nothing would have been said about the race card. What you need to do is protect your property, call in suspicious activity, and most of all--keep track of what YOUR kids are doing! Crime rates are going up, its a
  18. I am of the opinion that there are no gang wannabe's, only gonnabe's. Educate your kids and yourself and call the law for any gang related activity you see. Powder Springs has a gang problem and its just a matter of time before they set up shop in Paulding.
  19. They were not out of gas, their registers/computers went down.
  20. Photograph is physical evidence and red light enforced camera's are run by law enforcement. If you however did have picture evidence of a law being broken that clearly shows a crime being committed, I'm sure that would result in criminal charges. Hope you have you camera focused and ready for a driving violation and can clearly show the person behind the wheel and their tag number. Good Luck!
  21. So then with your way of thinking, anyone could call the police and say you committed a certain driving violation and they should be able to ticket you on the other person's word? Seems to me that if this was the case, you could call about everyone you hate and get them in trouble. Yeap, makes sense to me!
  22. Take mine in an IV line, can't get enough.
  23. Austell Police Department does it. Fingerprints are done by live scan now, so maybe Paulding county does not have the equipment available to use for the public yet.
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