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  1. Taziki's is great, ate at them throughout Alabama. Glad to see they are making their way over here.
  2. I am from IL and have a friend from college that works at the Wal-Mart in Washington; he says there is no power and that the store is being used as a triage/shelter. All of his and his wife's families are fine.
  3. I don't get how Albany is a surprise, especially if you have ever driven through the city. All the rich folk moved to Lee County.
  4. The store BabeCake is talking about is Champions SportsCards and the owner is Russ, he is pretty fair but will be blunt with you as the other posters have been, the cards arent worth as much as you hope they are.
  5. thanks mojo, the cleaners I goto does not do alterations so that is why I had to ask.
  6. I had a button fall of my suit jacket recently, I am looking for recs on who to take it to in the PC area. Thanks
  7. what time do you open on Saturdays? i tried to visit today at 11 and y'all were closed.
  8. that explains the reason the 20 patrons and 1 confused looking young worker were outside today around 1:30pm. I was going to go buy tickets for the Expendables 2 but that made me delay. Also explains why the manager seemed perturbed when i called at 2:40 if everything was clear at the theater.
  9. The Hunt's in PC is better than the one in Dothan. On the traffic thing, Dothan has pretty terrible traffic for a town of it's relative size. The roads in the Panhandle are paved with gold too, that drive is pretty nice from Phenix City to PC, especially now that it is all 4 lane. Pog-I would love to own one of those houses too, damn.
  10. I love my Roku and Netflix combination. I do wish some of the shows got their new seasons quicker, like Sherlock.
  11. tuition at 35k? that isnt normal for 99% of colleges
  12. The blooper is indeed a full meal, i have done it twice and wouldnt have thought about eating anything else. Love their hot dogs also.
  13. Butterfly-I think they are just trying to use your sympathy as a tool against your husband to try and bilk some money from him/you. As Blondie said, giving them anything would just be encouraging this poor financial behavior further. The only way Dave would encourage anything being given to someone in their situation is if they initiated behavior change, i.e. you match the first $500 they pay on a credit card if they dont use the thing again.
  14. they will have it blocked off until noon, i have been in store and watched them remove the barricades around 12:02 or so.
  15. I went there today for lunch also; for 8.50 bucks I got 5 big chicken tenders, too many fries, a piece of texas toast, and a coke. I was pretty impressed by the size and taste of the chicken tenders, the homemade sauce awfully similar to the Zax sauce, and the fries were just meh. Still, I would go back and I didnt think the 8 bucks was overpriced for the quality/quantity of food.
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