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  1. Don't know any details, but prayers are needed a little girl was ran over in her driveway
  2. My understanding is speed wasn't a factor but a car turning in front of the truck was
  3. So sorry for your loss Michelle & family. We are praying for you
  4. Well when my daughter turned 16 my Dad gave her a fully restored 1988 Ford Bronco. Gas HAWG but safe...then a year later it was hit in the parking lot at the ballfield. My daughter saw this as golden opportunity to get the car she WANTED all along...a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Let me say she loves her car and tries to take care of it but of course right off the bat she got a costly ticket that I made her work to pay for. Then she got hit three times in 4 months...rear ended by a SUV, drove over in a parking lot by a Jeep, and then tboned by a passenger car just last month. I thought for sure it
  5. I know of a church in Douglas County where the bill jumped to over $900. The water dept refused to see it as an error
  6. Samoyeds are AWESOME. I had one for years growing up and unfortunately he died with Cancer at 10 years old My parents adored him, and I often look for them another, but never have any look locate dthat breed- seems to be rare. I hope Cheyenne makes a full recovery
  7. The car was driven by a very close friend of ours. He was life flighted to Atlanta Medical Center. After several test they concluded that he only had a concussion and broken arm. We are very Thankful that God was in his passenger seat as we know it could have been so much worse. My understanding is the other car had two passengers that were taken by ambulance to the local hospital. They apparently suffered some broken bones. We are very thankful that it wasn't anymore severe and still ahve them in our prayers. Thank you very much to emergency personnel on site that worked this accident.
  8. I am so sorry for your loss. My daughter (Courtney) and my nephews (Trinity & Tucker) were quite fond of Will. They asked many questions on Friday afternoon and we tried to answer them to the best of our natural ability. Of course the only true answer come from God..I pray he be a very present help and comforter during this time of grief. I pray you gain understanding and he cradle you in his loving arms. God Bless
  9. Happen to me after eating at a local mexican restaurant this year....took me for several hundred dollars in a matter of days. And took forever to clear up
  10. My Sister owned a shop in bremen last year and we still have some of her metal hanging racks we'd be willing to sale. She used these for purses and clothing items. The two smaller ones she used for jewelry. Just thought I'd put this out there since Amazing has sold all her fixtures. Good luck to you both. I really enjoyed your store.
  11. My mother in law lives in this neighborhood -- doesn't surprise me. Recognize a few of the names too. Always walking the streets. Even threw rocks at my car a few times.
  12. Maybe AC will pick up the 5 running loose on Winn while they're out that way. That stupid bird dog about causes a wreck everyday!!!
  13. Praying for God to be a present help. To be the comforter that ONLY He CAN be. God Bless you All.
  14. You may also want to email Green Meadow for contact information for Jesse (Baby Justice's Mother) while she is pregnant and on bed rest right now. I'm sure she could offer you some comfort. Your in my prayers I can't begin to imagine-- Just know that God is a present help--talk to him.
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