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  1. Does anyone know the details of the motorcycle accident yesterday afternoon around 4pm? Condition of the driver? Prayers for all involved.
  2. How many involved? Serious injuries? So sad, saying prayers for all.
  3. Any status on the accident this morning on Harmony?
  4. I have a feeling that would happen to my son also if I bought him the big lifted 4x4 truck that other boys at NPHS seem to have. I am happy their parents can afford the insurance, tires and gas but I can't. I am looking at a '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee, if he doesn't want to drive it, I will!
  5. Great idea! I am glad I posted my question! Thanks.
  6. Thank you. These are my thoughts exactly. Unfortunately, we live in the North area where alot of families can afford more than me. I don't want to go broke trying to keep up with the Jones'. I will just have a disappointed teenager for awhile.
  7. My son wants a big truck, of course, when he turns 16. I would rather buy something like a Jeep Cherokee, which is better on gas mileage. If I bought this instead knowing it isn't what he wants, would I be a bad Mom? Your opinion needed.
  8. Can anyone tell me who to contact to sign my DD up for girl scouts? She attends Russom Elementary which had a sign-up at Burnt Hickory Park on Tuesday but unfortuantely we missed that date.
  9. Debbie moved to Oklahoma the beginning of summer from Hilton Head. She moved from Picketts Plantation a few years back. She was a wonderful lady, always friendly to everyone. She will be missed!
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