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  1. Hello P.com friends. Havent posted in a while since moving from Dallas up to Indiana. Hope all is well where it is a bit warmer than it is here. Well, we moved from Dallas to Indiana because of an IndyCar deal I had been working on while down there. Please check out my rookie driver I manage, Levon Bates Jr. We will be making history by being only the 4th African American driver to race in an Indy style car in 2014. This kid almost lost his life 2 yrs ago while being robbed. Read his AMAZING story on FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/LBJ-Racing/388856451222582 and website is www.lbjracing.
  2. I still love the scene from Fletch
  3. janko9


    Very thick smoke and sky was a gray/green all afternoon on Cartersville Hwy. Started about 1. Around 4, we had a few choppers overhead circling.
  4. I find it funny how a tax exempt organization can use tax money to benefit itself. Colts used 100% of their own money to build their stadium. Considering Atlanta is twice the size of Indy, you would think they could afford to do the same.
  5. Went out on the deck about 2:15AM. It was white out conditions here in N Paulding on Cartersville Hwy. Would have been blizzard conditions if it would have lasted more than 20 min. VERY hard wind and thick snow. Deck and yard was dusted in a matter of a few minutes. Was gone by this morning though.
  6. ESPNs Adam Schefter has reported. Major moves in ATL: Falcons are releasing CB Dunta Robinson, RB Michael Turner and DE John Abraham today to create cap room.
  7. Had both back in a matter of 5 days. VERY shocked. Wonder if returns are even being checked.
  8. Indiana. We actually went this past week looking at houses. The economy never really took that bad of a hit, very good paying jobs are plentiful, and lately have been unhappy here for our liking.
  9. 911 in Paulding is either always busy or you have to call 10 times for them to answer already as it is.
  10. I hope for this area"s future that it does. I have been unable to find work after getting laid off a year ago. Keep told I am over qualified and in a few instances told flat out by manager, he doesn't want to hire me because I have more expereience than he does. ??? As for my family, we unfortunately will be moving 500 miles away in a month for work. I am not the only one, but its amazing how many job phone interviews and actual job offers I get from the same exact companies from that distance and farther.
  11. He got the short end of the stick. Pretty funny (Sorry, I don't know how to get vid to appear) http://youtu.be/aeYWkfqrug4
  12. VERY good idea. Then again, my hometown experimented with this in the early 90s while I was in my middle/high school yrs and still do it to this day. Worked out VERY well.
  13. A donut is healthier than a granola bar, believe it or not.
  14. Parking lot was packed the other day we went by. Must not be to bad.
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