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  1. We are down to our FINAL 2 DAYS now (today & tomorrow). We are open until 6pm today and open from 10a to 4pm tomorrow. See first post for all our FINAL SALE PRICES on items we have left in the Boutique. It is amazing how different it looks in here now with so much merchandise sold and gone. COME ON IN TODAY and stock up on some pet items, hair accessories, or other items. Nemie
  2. Bags & Barks Boutique (Last 2 Days) Open: Wed., 12/30/09 10a to 6pm Last Day Open: Thurs., 12/31/09 10a to 4pm ! ******* PRICES SLASHED ******* Bags & Barks Boutique is closing on December 31, 2009, at 4:00pm. LOCATION: 3595 Hiram-Douglasville Hwy (Hwy 92), Hiram, Ga 30141 (in the Storage Xxtra Complex) Cat Wand/Teaser Toys 50 cents / Spring Cat Toy 25 cents / Roller Cat Toy 25 cents Plush Squeaker Dog toys: 75 cents Twisted Rope Dog Toys: 75 cents sm, $1.50 med Dog Bandannas: XS 50 cents, Small 75 cents, Med $1.00, Large $1.50 Plus
  3. Yes Ma'am Lady Raider, open from 10a to 6p. We have been busy everyday, same for today, we have been busy all morning. So, hope to see everyone come on in and visit us and pick up some goodies for your cats and dogs.......... you can't beat these prices anywhere, so great time to stock up on toys and etc for all your kitties and doggies. PS.... Was great to meet Vicki Vale this morning. Thanks so much for stopping in VV. Nemie
  4. ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT, so come in and see us. Below are few of SOME of the items we still have available.
  5. I wish Boxing Day waEngland.s a holiday here like it is in England. Well next year I will have it as a holiday I guess.
  6. Bags & Barks Boutique CLOSING SALE - LAST 3 DAYS Open 10a to 6p Tues & Wed, Closing Day: Thurs., 12/31/09 10a to 4pm ! LOCATION: 3595 Hiram-Douglasville Hwy (Hwy 92), Hiram, Ga 30141. NOTE: We ARE NOW selling all of our display items/fixture items. NOTE: see post #12 for more pics PET TOYS: Cat Toys 75 cents each (Cat Wands/Teasers, Spring Toy for kittens) Plush Squeaker Dog toys: 95 cents / Twisted Rope Dog Toys: $.75 sm, $1.50 med Dog Bandannas: XS 95 cents, Small $1.25, Med $1.75, Large $2.00 SOLD OUT! Pet Clothing: Any clothing item $7.
  7. same here. I actually surf about an 2 hours a day on average.
  8. Hey LPPT, Glad your going to have some time to spend with your dad. That is wonderful. However, we will miss you here on pcom. Just not the same on pcom without you. Enjoy your visit and be careful travelling the roads.
  9. Steve and/or I will be opening the boutique at 10am. One of us will be there all day. I (Nemie) may stay home and continue sorting through stuff for our huge huge upcoming indoor yard sale in a week or 2. It is going to be big, with tons of stuff, tons of tools, and lots of display type stuff from the boutique. We will be so very busy from today onward getting ready to move to England. The big day will be here before we know it.
  10. Good Morning to Everyone ! Hope everyone has a lovely day today. If your out and about, please drop by Bags & Barks and pick up some pet supplies. This is our last week open, closing Dec 31. Hope to see some pcommers come by and visit this week.
  11. WE ARE OPEN TODAY ! until 3pm. (or later if busy) We have great Stocking Stuffers at awesome prices. Animal print Necklace & Earring sets $2.50 ea, Animal Print Braclets/Bangles $1.00, Hair Twisters (ponytail holders) plush animal print 3 for 50 cents, Animal Print Hard Plastic Headbands (some have velvet in design) $1.00 ea, and few other great stocking stuffer ideas. Come on in and pick up your fur family members lots of goodies. We still have a great selection of pet items. Toys, Treats, Bowls, Feeders, Clothes, Fribee's, Bandannas, Carriers, Bows, Barrettes, and more.
  12. I added comments to first post for everyone to see our hours for this week. Again, the handbags and accessories are becoming limited, as we have been very busy selling lots and lots of these items over the past 2 weeks, especially over the past couple of days. Hope to see many of you soon, Nemie & Steve
  13. Thanks LR! We will have a little change in hours on some days this week however. Today/Monday: we will close at 5pm Tuesday: Opening late at 1:00pm and closing at 6:00pm (or later if anyone needs us to stay late) Wednesday: Open 10am to 6pm (or later if anyone needs us to) Thursday: Open 10am and closing at 3pm (unless we are busy or anyone needs us to stay late) If anyone needs us to stay late, simply email us at bagsandbarks@aol.com
  14. Over the past 2 weeks we have had our CLOSING SALE going, and we have sold a lot of our inventory, more than we ever thought we would in these 2 weeks. Yesterday alone we sold almost 50 handbags, so selection is becoming limited, so we want to encourage everyone to come on in and have a look and grab yourself a Handbag, Diaper Bag, Tote, etc at great low prices before they are all gone. We still have a great selection on pet items. We are expecting a couple of different groomers to be coming in this week (one is coming today) to purchase 'Lots", so we foresee the pet items becoming limit
  15. Well the # of handbags have decreased sustantially this morning. We have been swamped with people up until about 10 minsutesw ago. So, let me encourage everyone to come on in and have a look. We still have animal print bags for ladies and little girls, and other fasion handbags, and quilted items. Don't forget about the furry ones, as we have all pet items drastically reduced. Great time to stock up on toys, bows, barreetts, shampoo, beds, bandannas, and other items. Hope to see you soon.
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