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  1. I`ve traveled that road since it was a dirt road,people need to slow down.
  2. I thought the Stop order was because of the Drought at that time.
  3. pecan halfs 10.50 pieces are 10.00 At the library they are pecan halves are 10.50 and pecan pieces are 10.00
  4. My daughter and I are currently bottle feeding a one week old kitten. Your kitten is probably around the same age if its eyes are open. A kitten the age of yours should be drinking at least 3 mL about every 4 hours. You should keep stimulating it until its fecal matter begins to solidify and it can go to the bathroom on its own. Our kitten is already doing this, but we still have to stimulate it sometimes. Don't use kitten formula, the formula gives it diarrhea if it isn't diluted properly. Evaporated milk works the best and is cheaper. If it's refusing, just keep trying and feed it every 2-3
  5. We saw ambulance ,Sheriff dept.,4 state patrol go flying that way earlier.
  6. Moby plays this every Friday on South 107
  7. Burnt Hickory United Methodist Church--March 23,2pm 0 to 12 years.
  8. After, we have a tradition we put it up the first Sunday in Dec. take it down 12 days after Christmas or before I go back to work.
  9. Mc Clure- In ond Out 10 minutes that was about30 minutes ago.
  10. He was a wonderful man and a close friend of my husband,We send our condolences,love and prayers to his family .
  11. Yes they are,my daughter will be in the princess room.
  12. Burnt Hickory ,born and raised and I live about a mile from where I grew up.
  13. Burnt Hickory Methodist on 61 north Sat.29th 6 - 8
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