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  1. Thanks y'all. We will be there. Last year was so fun and I couldn't believe it was done by students. Lots of talent at NPHS!!!!!
  2. Anyone know if NPHS is doing this event again this year?
  3. Lake Allatoona Inn....My sister is a caterer that has this venue. It's amazing and of course the food is too.
  4. Atlanta City Pass!!!!!! I have three days off and plan to fill them with some hometown fun!!!!!
  5. Which witness testified to this? That tells me she wasn't in the affair for the sex obviously. She liked the attention.
  6. Andrea testified yesterday that she didn't know Rusty was shot until she got to the hospital......relatives and friends testified that she called them on her way to the hospital and told them "Rusty has been shot"......she knew. I think that in some of their pillow talk maybe they discussed the things that would need to happen for them to be together. She refused to leave her husband so in Hemy's mind that meant the only way he was going to be with her was to kill Rusty. She knew about Hemy coming to their home in his first attempt to kill Rusty. Once that happened the threat should hav
  7. And today is my anniversary YAY!!!! But I would take another 6 weeks of this winter if that is what the had General said. I love these temps but I am ready for some green on some trees!!!!!
  8. We went Wednesday and are going back tomorrow. Kudos to whoever made the decision to sell tickets early at Walgreens!!!! I saved so much money buying them early and there was no ordering them and then waiting for them to come in the mail. Also no standing in the admission or ride tickets line!!!! It was great. Hope they make the same arrangements next year. I got 4 adult & 4 student admission tickets plus 110 ride tickets for $70!!!!!!!!
  9. Just switched to Cycleworks. They are locally owned (woodstock) and they only charge $33/qtr. Also, if you choose to have your bill emailed they will give you a month free next qtr. Was not happy AT ALL with American. They skipped weeks and a couple times didn't come until 7:30-8:00pm. I also didn't like that my bill was raised when they bought out N.E.W.S and they never sent me a notice just a higher bill. I have family members that work for American and of course I asked them before I cancelled and they said to just go ahead and switch. Apparently they have made more than a few people
  10. Ha Ha.....I thought I was the only one that felt better about my housecleaning when I watched.
  11. Cannot say enough good things about Pinnacle. They did the tune up for me last week and then came back out for free when the system froze up. Amazing customer service!!!!!! You have won a customer for life.
  12. Just got a tweet from Vinnie Politan "Casey Anthony appealing her convicitions for lying. Are you kidding me they concede all the lies at trial and NOW want an appeal. Ridiculous!" I guess she is doing this to get out of the defamation law suit. It was a slam dunk since she was convicted of lying about using ZFG's name. If she gets an appeal the defamation case becomes a little more sticky.
  13. Well I just called Paudling's Permit office and YES they do make you pull a permit!!!!! THere's $30 added to my repair bill and of course it's going to take TIME!!!!!!!
  14. If you do I just can't believe that!!!! A hot water heater....seriously????? OMG Pauding County!!!!!
  15. Well unfortunatly this was JUST the install. They told me to expect to pay $800-850 for the unit and installation. I borrowed a Time-Life plumbing book and my DH and a buddy are taking on the task themselves. They are pretty handy so we shall see. I am really tired of heating water on the stove or freezing to death while washing my hair. Thankfully it's not wintertime.
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