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  1. Why not have someone reach out to area grocery store managers and ask them what they do with the food (canned goods) they pull of the shelves due to a "date" on the can? ((other items can be included as items)) ... The "date" doesn't mean it is bad, just a suggested date, but the stores are instructed to pull them. Those items are great to get into situations such as this. Just a thought .... I'll ask around for donations.
  2. The answer is what you mean by cheap and not break the bank. I have 2 and have for years. Use them both still and work great. First was from Pampered Chef. Not cheap for me at the time, but it is good. Strong, but plastic which has it advantages. Multiple types of cutting available through slip-in-out type cutters. Use them for multiple uses. Do not know of any pampered chef sales person, may need to look at their site for a local salesperson. Second (believe it or not) from Aldi. Good, cheaper and still usable. A little different for the cutters which slip-in-out, and a
  3. Completely tragic ..... Keeping all involved in my thoughts ....
  4. How is Bear doing? Keeping good positive healing thoughts for him (and you).
  5. Hope you had a great birthday! and many more
  6. Received some coupons in the mail the other day. Might have to use them as an excuse to check out the new restaurant ... don't normally go, but might need to see how it is
  7. Very Beautiful. Next couple of days are bring rain .... Hopefully just enough but not to the point of flooding. Good luck!
  8. My husband always gets a couple of red and a couple of yellow plants, along with cherry tomatoes (any color). We love yellow tomatoes - lower in acidity Enjoy!
  9. No, never happened to us. good luck, even disappointed it might be a happy accident to try something new ...
  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!
  11. Been watching and listening to the coverage of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day ceremony, plus the commentary about the individuals and the education we should learn from the "invasion". Absolutely touching.
  12. This was my thoughts .. not sure what to say but to say I'll listen as I can. Try different docs with different focuses, they may be able to point in a direction to go. Medicine field is not an exact science with no easy answers. Keep with the hope, maybe a short term challenge. Your story may also help someone who you do not know you are helping. Alternatives for looking into suggestions are not always apparent and you may be helping others as some of us may be able to assist you with our suggestions. Uncover the stones and you may find something you and the DRs didn't realize.
  13. What a cutie! Bet she has you wrapped around your finger .... as she should! Best wishes to both of you .... and keep sharing photos
  14. Last book I read was by Paula Hawkins, "The Girl on the Train". Was good but will look into the suggestion for Into the Water as well as the suggestion of checking out Karin Slaughter. Thanks!
  15. Congratulations and long & loving life together!!
  16. For the socks, I really don't know if they take them. One time they did, next not .... 770-445-1511, For sheets and towels, the shelter does have a washer and dryer which is used a lot (or at least they used to). Thanks for donating!
  17. Never eaten there, but love those old type restaurants. Saw this on the morning news .... Sad to see them go. Heard they were potentially looking for a new location.
  18. Take it to Best Buy. They will take it free of charge and dispose properly. Good Luck.
  19. ^ we do this with cherry tomatoes. Do this as well with some peppers such as jalapenos. The bigger tomatoes go into the garden. We have raised beds in the garden and love them! Allows us to grow all types of vegetables. Once built, they last forever. Do it even if you start out small with just a couple of beds
  20. Didn't see anything about missing brothers. Nixle did report last night a missing 13 boy was found. Don't know if it was related or not. If your story is true, hope they are found safe and sound.
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