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  1. Mt. Tabor/Bobo needs something. I was in a severe accident here. The lady said she never saw the stop sign...t-boned me at 60 mph.
  2. We just had one sprayed in our new f-150.....BULLET liner all the way! Looks way better than my LineX in the old truck.
  3. Happens at least twice a week. Never had a problem until this new mailman.
  4. Not confirmed...but I heard storage units
  5. Does anyone have the number to the dfcs office here in Paulding?
  6. NO Prob...wasnt sure what the proper way was....
  7. Can I get a PM from an ADMIN please....
  8. Stay towards the front. before building 400.....
  9. Lorri, Can you PM the drivers name, I know a male who drives a grand cherokee like that....
  10. Can a MOD please contact me...Im having issues posting.
  11. Clear Creek was hit. My stepmom has 6 trees down on cars and house.
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