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  1. Seriously, y'all should try the grocery pickup at the Walmart on Hwy 120 - it's amazing!! I can get what I need and never have to go inside the store.
  2. Just from my experience as a legal secretary. If there are no injuries (and therefore no money to be made on the case), you don't need an attorney. Get a copy of the accident report and contact the other driver's insurance company.
  3. Getting rid of a renter is hard in Georgia, but your friend needs to get started on getting a dispossessory warrant. That starts by giving the tenant a written notice that he is being evicted. This article is helpful. http://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/home--garden/how-evict-someone-georgia/T93zTyRavYEfHGbQhBu8nN/ ETA: If the owner of the property is providing the furniture for the freeloader, the owner could always remove the furniture and let the guy sleep on the floor in the basement. I wonder if he could also cut off any electricity down there? That might be more difficult since
  4. It bothers me more than the gun was in an unsecured area under her desk than the fact that she had one. And, if I were an elementary school teacher, I would probably drink heavily too.
  5. I was told that Whole Foods in Kennesaw was being delayed until later this year, but that they have not pulled out. They are closing the Roswell Road store, but I saw that it is being "relocated" to Kennesaw.
  6. I saw that article. I'm guessing serious settlement negotiations are going to happen.
  7. I don't care what you call them. I'm glad they were caught!
  8. I like it. We've picked up sandwiches from there a few times - they make a good reuben sandwich.
  9. Look at the form, does it require both a notarization and witness signatures? If not, you do not need to bring witnesses, only the signor of the documents (with proper ID) will have to be there. Do not sign the documents until you are in the presence of the notary. The person you are designating to serve as your POA does not have to be present. I hope this helps. I would offer to meet you somewhere tomorrow and notarize them for you, but I'm not available this weekend.
  10. The hubby loves Church's (there is on Fairburn Road in Douglasville). I prefer Popeye's, but it's very rare that I will indulge.
  11. You are right - there are more laws protecting the rights of women and minorities than there are for the average white guy. However, white guys have always had the right to equal protection under the law, women and minorities are, in some instances, still struggling to get that treatment. Actually, there is a pretty strong argument that the executive order regarding immigration takes away civil rights. There is also an argument that by implementing the executive order on no aboortzion funding outside of the U.S., Trump is infringing on the rights of women worldwide. If federal funding i
  12. I will answer - there are no laws that I know of that do not apply across the board. HOWEVER, it is the implementation (or lack of implementation) of those laws that are at issue. There are still employers out there that like to say that "if we want to hire white men, we should be able to hire only white men." And they see nothing wrong with that. Sadly. Exhibit 1 to the charge of discrimination: "The person who hired me went out on the internet and bragged about paying me less than my male counterpart."
  13. So what happens when a 50 year old white guy who has been with the company for 25 years trains his less qualified female Asian-American counterpart and he finds out that she is paid more. When he complains, he is fired and the less qualified female gets his job and a nice raise. Is he out of luck because he didn't "negotiate" well? Or how about when a woman has to put up with her boss telling her that if she wants a raise, she has to put out? When she says no, she gets demoted. Is she out of luck? If the market place could correct itself without government interference, this
  14. I love this store - I've stopped by twice. The fresh fruit and veggies have me hooked! The meats, including those prepared in the deli, look fabulous.
  15. I'm just hoping that the American people are not the fools in this situation. Trump doesn't care what anyone thinks. He also doesn't care what laws are in place, he's willing to write his own. That's a dangerous position for anyone to be in, much less someone with his unpredictable behavior.
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