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  1. If the county is giving the choice of the kids doing virtual learning or in person learning then there should not be a waiting list for the virtual learning. Maybe since there is a waiting list that goes to show the school system that most parents are not agreeing with them to send the children back into the schools at this time. Most all other of the counties around us is using their heads for the safety of the kids by using the virtual learning while the numbers of the corona virus is still on the rise. It seems that it would make more since to do the virtual learning with the number of th
  2. Does anyone know if the Dallas Biscuit Co. is still open because it seemed to be closed last week?
  3. With 80% chance of rain for saturday does anyone know if they will still have the Christmas parade in dallas?
  4. Anybody know why the helicopter is flying over nphs?
  5. Pretty bad that some houses north of dabbs bridge has been without water for 24 hours & can't get no sign when it will be back on.
  6. Anybody know what was going happening on 61 north this morning for it being shut down near burnt hickory park?
  7. Has anyone heard if it is true that Georgia Heritage Bank is merging or has been purchased by LGE bank.
  8. Has anyone heard any updates on the students or the other driver from the accident on the morning of Aug. 9.
  9. Has anyone heard any updates from the accident yesterday morning?
  10. Heard there was possible a fatality involved with the wreck. Praying for all involved & that NPHS has not had another tragic incident this school year.
  11. bucky1966


    Anybody know what was happening at cvs next to the briar patch yesterday? Passed by & there were alot of sheriff cars around in the parking lot.
  12. Anyone heard any of the finals from tonights games?
  13. Does anyone know what was happening on Dabbs Bridge Rd. earlier?
  14. Does anyone know what is going on on harmony grove church rd at hollinshed red someone said that the road was closed?
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