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  1. So are storage buildings confirmed? Hubby was thinking possibly an automotive shop moving from one end of the road to the other because he has seen the owner in the clearing. We are just curious.
  2. Any ideas what they're clearing near Riverwood for on Bobo Road?
  3. Is that the same as Dallas First United Methodist?
  4. Are there any soup kitchens located here locally? I would like to get my family involved over the holidays, but we're looking for something more local to reach out to those that here locally that are in need. Thanks.
  5. My Belgian Malinois just had one of those back in September. We took him to the vet and they drained it to try to keep from him having surgery because he's older. It filled back up about two weeks later, but we took him in again and they drained it again. It's been fine ever since the second time. It only cost us an office visit that I can remember. Good luck - I hope your furbaby feels better soon.
  6. Is the butcher on Business 6 next to the door cooler? If so, they're closed on Sunday & Monday.
  7. Nice to meet you as well. We are directly across on Seminole - first house on the left (grey) with the fenced back yard. This time of year we are working in the yard, or hanging out on the front porch... so we were just curious.
  8. We were wondering what was going on ourselves. We are directly across the street from them. Always see them outside working in the yard with their dogs.... My thoughts are certainly with them whatever they are going through at this very moment.
  9. I'm looking forward to going.... Just hope I can get out of bed and get up there before all the good stuff is gone!
  10. I've seen something on Facebook for a citywide yard sale tomorrow in Dallas.... I'm curious what to expect. I read that there will be over 70 vendors, but are those individuals who have purchased booth space to sell craft / other items, or are they setting up like a regular yard sale type of thing? Just curious what to expect before I get up in the morning and go. Thanks for any information you can provide.
  11. We were talking about going, but instead are going to my grandma's 70th birthday party.... Family takes priority.
  12. I would love try out, but my husband and oldest son are leaving for summer camp on Sunday.
  13. Wonder if Glamour Shots are still around.... Thanks.
  14. So how long does it take to get a picture book back after ordering???
  15. That is what I bought her for her 40th birthday.
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