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  1. I think/would hope that it was a typo for them to have put 12 month employees report. Since last night everything has said closed to everyone.
  2. Middle and High were dismissed first to get the high school students, who are more inexperienced, off the roads as soon as possible. Since middle/high have the same bus times, they are released together. Elementary was delayed because a lot of the middle/high buses never made it back to campus (again, especially at the North complex, with only one road going in and out).
  3. Surely the '12-month staff report' is a mistake.
  4. If you look at some of the weather forums (for weather nerds like myself), there were models starting Sunday night that showed NW Atlanta suburbs getting 2-3", coming in around 10am. Local mets absolutely saw that, had access to that, understood that, and should have then prepared people. They put forth the Winter Storm Warning this morning, and that should have been enough to call it an early-release day from the get-go and then they could have prepared to release early. As WFAL said, those 2 hours would have meant everything--especially to the 3000 people who were stranded at the North Compl
  5. I've had several surgeries on my arm the last few months, and I have a distinct type of pain that I get every time there are storms coming in. I always thought it was a wives' tale as well, but I was certainly wrong.
  6. Are you kidding me? First of all, teachers have NO say in the punishment a child receives. That is such a low blow to say that if she was a good teacher she wouldn't do this. That seems equal to saying that a woman assaulted by her husband wouldn't report it and ruin his accomplishments if she was a good wife. Just sickening. Secondly, what this kid did falls under sexual harassment, especially if this is a repeat offense. This was not, according to the report, just an affectionate hug. He put his hands around her from behind, and then kissed her neck--to even try to equate that wit
  7. School calendars for the next 3 years are now on the school district web site. I'm so thankful that they took the surveys into consideration and kept the same basic calendars (with all the breaks
  8. On the last "News from the Board", it said that they will approve the new calendar at the 12/10 board meeting. The actual calendar wasn't posted, but they did say that something like 81% did not support losing any of the breaks or shortening Thanksgiving break. Hopefully, this means that they will keep the same schedule for the next 3 years.
  9. GoGators-- Well, around here you never quite know when someone is being sarcastic or they're just batcrap crazy
  10. Most *reasonable* people reading that list would be able to discern that the backpack/lunch box are NOT shareable items. Does someone really think that the kid is going to come home with someone elses' backpack every day? For what it's worth, I am a teacher, and yet I am always sending in extra supplies/money/donations to my OWN kids' classrooms for the kids whose parents can't/don't. To me, it is more important that the child has what they need, than being indignant that the parent isn't able/willing to do so themselves. These kids didn't ask for the life they were brought into, and if I
  11. My childrens' psychiatrist is closing her practice, so now I am looking for a new one. Most of their needs are simple medication management, but I want to be sure to find someone that is good with kids and understands the differences in treatment of kids vs. adults. Any suggestions? My insurance recommended Highland Rivers CSB on Hiram--any experiences there? Thanks
  12. Ha! We have a pug, and her hind-end has that same pattern on the sides. However, I never thought to look for our Lord and Savior in her 'butt swirls'. To each his own...
  13. My mother and Becky had been friends for many years. She was such a sweet, funny woman and I know that she will be so truly missed.
  14. My husband and I were just talking about this the other day--to the tune of me losing a bet, because I could have sworn that the statue was still without a hand. ' I understand the want to replace it. Does anyone know when that happened?
  15. Rest in peace, sweet Florica--your faith and testimony was an inspiration to me and moved so many. Flaviu, Felix, and all the family and friends--you are all in our prayers.
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