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  1. Any recommendations for septic tank service & company that provides termite letters? I need a 'clear letter' for potential buyers of our home. Thanks!
  2. ivhc

    Tree removal

    Fletcher's Tree Service - 404-456-3874. Took down 2 trees in our backyard. They did a great job!!!
  3. Clayton Sanitation 770-445-8521. A local company that actually picks up at the back door!! Never had any problems with them.
  4. While I don't have a solution for this problem, I like the idea of everyone being more compassionate, empathetic and accepting of others. It's a shame that children (even elementary students) have anxiety about going to school when hearing/seeing all this violence played out on tv and social media....
  5. Yeah, I saw a young driver on his cell phone driving down East Paulding Dr. Thursday afternoon. He was in front of a truck whose driver apparently thought he was going too slow, following much too close. The young driver put his hand out the window and gave the truck driver a middle finger salute. Two (or three) things wrong with this picture: the young driver on his cell phone in one hand and saluting with the other & the truck driver following too closely!! East Paulding Dr. was a packed sheet of ice!!
  6. Would you mind sending those by private message? Thanks!!
  7. If I ever do, I will post the name. It's such a shame that there's not more reliable home repair and landscape services available!!
  8. We are in search of a reputable home appraisal company and a DEPENDABLE home repair service So tired of people saying that they will do a job and not following through!!!! Thanks!!
  9. I saw them at Kroger in Sandy Springs.
  10. In 2014, just a few weeks after I lost my husband, it was my birthday when that snow storm shut down Atlanta and surrounding areas. I got up that morning having a pity party for myself - I couldn't get out and no one could get to me. After a while, I realized it could be a lot worse! I could be one of those stuck on the road for hours or I could be without power & food. So, I picked myself up, shook myself off and found things to do to keep me busy! Luckily, your daughter is 20 and can understand what's going on. And while I don't mean to diminish your feelings, sometimes it helps to
  11. I used Home Advisor to try to find a tree person. The one recommended was about $1500 higher than others but 'offered' a reduced price if we would let him to the job the next day. BIG RED FLAG!!
  12. Good luck finding someone to handle home repairs! I'm so frustrated and disappointed in people saying they can/will handle something but NEVER following through. Not only does this apply to handyman type stuff but landscaping people as well!
  13. Thank you but I found someone already.
  14. ivhc

    Texas Roadhouse

    Just ate there on Saturday. It's not open for lunch during the week....
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