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  1. Feeling' lucky over here ...hoping that stays that way, overnight, and beyond.
  2. Not exactly. They really did blow through a stop sign in front of my car, after I had started moving. The only fiction is the part where they were trapped under a car. I'm hoping that part remains fictional. Maybe their parents or someone who knows them will see this.
  3. Hope that gets someone's attention. It didn't happen, but it could have. (Mods: Yeah, yeah... I know. Change the topic if it's too much.) ~6:30PM, Tuesday 04/12/2011 I: Stopped at the stop sign on Hughes. Noticed large dirtbike and two smaller ones on Garmon, approaching their sign. I: Started pulling away, then quickly had to slam on my brakes, as I realized that the large dirtbike did not intend to stop. Large dirtbike: The kid looks at me, then continues through the stop without even slowing down. Smaller dirtbikes: Followed right behind their 'leader,' without even a
  4. Issue resolved at host site. Reverting in three... two... one... ...and DONE. Took about one minute.
  5. Hamsters were tired. Switched to gerbils.
  6. For us, 'redneck garlic bread' doesn't have to be regular loaf bread, even. If we have extra hamburger or hotdog buns we won't be using, they're fair game, too Dinner? Day old homemade lasagna leftovers. MMMmmmm. And 'regular' garlic bread, this time. Tasty stuff, this:
  7. Hey, don't knock the lifeline. I don't drink it often... I go through about one 750ml bottle a year... but there's always, always one in the freezer, just in case Beef rocks, too, of course!
  8. Yeah, you have to wait for several seconds sometimes. The gist of it was: Hi, this is a phone call to let you know that you may be getting another phone call!
  9. For some reason, this thread makes me want to put up a Christmas tree.
  10. Going to pretend I didn't read any of this, for now... and reserve judgement until after my two upcoming flights are over. Have flown Delta, with no issue whatsoever... but that was many moons ago. We'll see.
  11. Nah, it's a Yamaha Road Star. Big ole' V-twin, though. I just love that sound. It's a sweet ride. But yeah, I know, I know... it's not American. My 'hobby fund' just wasn't big enough for that, without downsizing a lot. The Triumphs are sweet, too... no doubt. Seen some nice ones Good luck on getting the vintage one roadworthy again soon!
  12. ...or you have a bad leak somewhere? I've had that one happen to me before, when we used propane... but never either of the other two. That's not to say neither is possible, but I generally try and rule out the least nefarious and/or most logical answer first.
  13. Yeah, I really like that one. No 'autotune effect,' great voice, attractive singer, and a fitting video. (Especially the ending) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8v_4O44sfjM
  14. There's still hope out there! Here's just a couple of YouTube'ers hopefully on the rise: Tyler Ward and Julia Sheer (And just about any of Tyler Ward's "friends" for that matter) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcAm3T431Pk Maddi Jane. I think she's 12, so still a ways to go... but looking like a strong start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT9PQgMtkDo
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