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  1. I started athread about this last year about this time. I complained about the street in fronyt of the school having spray paint all over it. I know it is something that the senior class likes to do, and many defended them. This year they have gone too far and spray painted 2012 two times right on the front of the building(gym) where you can definitely see it from the road. No one seems to be defending this act of "school spirit". I don't like it all, and am glad they are in trouble for it. Maybe next years class can think of a legal way to show their school spirit and class pride!
  2. Some parents just don't know when or how to let go and trust in their heart that they did their job (well).
  3. And yet the newsworthy stories make it on here, quick too! I'll see something on FB, click over here and there it is!
  4. I was just looking at my little girls new Kindle Fire and she has hardly any apps on it. She's 8. What's on your kids Kindle Fire? I am not very good at tech stuff. We need some ideas for cool kid games/apps. She does have Angry Birds, Netflix, a dictionary, and like 2 other boring games! TIA!
  5. Dr. Conrad Murray was just found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
  6. I checked it out! I can't believe how that kite soared!!!!
  7. I know, I remember reading that! So "ON" is the password to Paulding Place?
  8. I wonder if my Gay Pride topic has been moved? I can't find it anywhere; maybe the Religious Forum? I also wonder if I won the contest! I'll ask Pubby tomorrow.
  9. this is pretty weird.... .idk how to post pics at all!
  10. Can i bring in gently used children's books and trade them for different ones? They are pre-school and early reader levels.
  11. When hubby gets home his job is to grill the chicken breasts that will be pre-seasoned. I in the kithchen will be making Rice-A-Roni and steamed string beans. When the chicken is almost done hubby will baste it with zesty italian dressing. I think its a perfect balance!
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